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Tequila and Coke? WT?

Saw a TV ad for Cuervo Black and coke. Would anybody actually order, let alone drink, that?
and what is Cuervo black, anyway?

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  1. Jose Cuevo Black Medallion is a non-100% agave anejo. It's not very good and no I wouldn't order it with coke :)

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      I agree, I tried some of the Cuervo Black and it tasted to me like regular Cuervo with liquid smoke added.

    2. I don't think that the commercials have had any impact on the tequila drinking community. I haven't seen anyone order this drink mixture, or for that matter, even inquire if they should ingest such creation.

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      1. re: cocktailqueen77

        they are probably going after the Jack and Coke crowd (don't get me started on that one). And with enough marketing, they'll probably succeed.

      2. I tried Cuervo Black when I noticed it at a bar a while ago. It tasted kind of whiskey-ish. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever had, but I don't see myself ordering it again.

        1. There is a drink I've had down in Tequila (the town), called a Batanga.

          Ingrediants are Mexican Coke, a pinch of salt, fresh lime juice (1/2 a lime) & ice. Its very good.

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              Doh! Yes, I just took it for granted. Sorry should have listed it as: Tequila, Mexican Coke, a pinch of salt, fresh lime juice (1/2 a lime) & ice

          1. when i was a teenager i snuck a couple of drinks from the parents "hidden" liquor drawer (just a couple of bottles they brought back from Mexico and never planned on drinking). Anyways, I made a couple of Rum & Cokes and realized that if drank too much of the rum they would notice, and at the same time I ran out of regular coke. So I had to come up with something different using the other bottle, so my third drink was a very cheap tequila and Diet Coke mix that still to this day is the worst drink I have ever tasted .

            1. Cuervo Black is an anejo tequila that has been aged in charred oak barrels. It is designed to drink straight up or with coke. To me it taste like tequila with a whiskey finish. Not great, but not bad. If nothing else you should try it just to say you have had it and can give an informed opinion.

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                What does that mean "designed to drink with coke"? That suggests that there is a market out there for such a ridiculous combination. If you told me rum was "designed" to drink with coke, I would have the same opinion, although I recognize the Cuba Libre has been around since the turn of the century and popularized after WWll.

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                  "Designed to drink with coke" are the words of Cuervo marketing, not mine. I'm guessing that is their way of saying it's not to be mixed the same as traditional tequilas. I did have someone tell me they tried it in a margarita with less that positive results. To which my reply was also less that positive.;)

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                    Seeing as Cuervo is probably the most bottom of the barrel Tequila I can think of, it would make sense that they would want you to mix it with something sweet and flavorful - to take away the funk!

                    There is a carbonated alcoholic soda in Mexico made by Herradura Tequila, under their El Jimador brand, called 'New Mix'. One of the flavors is a Tequila and Cola profile...not bad, but not amazing...but, it is what it says it is - Tequila and Cola..?

                    1. re: Papa Kip Chee

                      " Cuervo is probably the most bottom of the barrel "..

                      really? worse then Montezuma? or Tortilla Gold? etc

                      Ever try Reserva de Familia?

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                        Sorry, I was speaking that amongst the 'premium' brands, as Cuervo is supposed to be - it's just not that good. I think that it's popularity has been hyped by years of marketing, and not much on product delivery. I just remember trying some at a party and wondering what people thought was so great? As for the Montezuma and Pepe Lopezs' and Tequila Gold of the world, I really don't even factor those in when I am thinking about spirits.

              2. I've been doing some tequila experiments lately. I had a party a month or two back
                and among other things bought a costco-sized bottle of cuervo. Nobody drank any
                of it and now I've got a costco-sized bottle of cuervo sitting on top of the fridge.

                Tequila and pomegranate juice: good, Tequila and grapefruit juice: great. Tequila and
                grape juice: nope. Tequila and wine: gaak. Coke didn't even cross my mind; now I'm
                going to have to try it.

                Oh yeah, tequila and coffee: see results for wine.

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                1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                  In my experience, many party guests will not drink Cuervo proactively. I suggest that at your next celebration, offer it mixed in a vat of basic Margaritas, and/or randomly in shot form later in the evening. If you do the shots, have salt and limes on hand for the skittish.

                  In the meantime, a Tequila Sunrise is tasty and pretty: Cuervo, OJ, and a dash of grenadine. Cuervo and OJ alone is good, too.

                  1. re: gina

                    >>"In my experience, many party guests will not drink Cuervo proactively."

                    I think tonight when I look back over the day and think about the things that made me smile, that sentence is going to be at the top of the list.

                    Two days later and I still haven't tried a taq and coke. It's intriguing because some of my favorite drinks include cuba libre, kalimotxo, and colaweizen, being in order rum, red wine and beer mixed with coke. I can't see why tequila shouldn't be there too.

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                      The last time I was with some Egyptians they were drinking scotch and coke. I did try it. Like I said about tequila and coke, wtf?

                      1. re: nickdanger

                        I was out with some actual Scotmen and they were drinking scotch & ginger ale. It was pretty good. But we using Dalmore (sp?), since then I've used other scotch that was nasty.

                        1. re: larochelle

                          As for scotch and coke. Johnny Walker makes it in cans. It is on their website.

                      2. re: Chuckles the Clone

                        Try some tequila, squirt and a squeeze of lime. Good stuff.

                        1. re: Mr Lee Ho

                          If you order this a a Mexican dive bar, (well a Mexican dive bar in the US) it will make the bartender happy. or maybe I just have that effect on bartenders.

                      3. Let’s get back to the Batanga. This is a great drink,. But it must be emphasized that Don Javier uses only 100% agave blanco tequila. Purge the Cuervo black from your collective memories! From the "Poco Tequila" Website:

                        About a block or so off the town square in Tequila, Jalisco is El Bar La Capilla (the chapel). The owner/bartender of this great little establishment is Don Javier Delgado Corona, a delightful and generous man who I believe is about 83 years old. Don Javier is a well respected and valued treasure of the town. Many prominent figures in the town and industry often frequent La Capilla to visit with Don Javier. Recently the word seems to be getting out and La Capilla is becoming a "must see" for tequila aficionados on pilgrimage to Tequila. Javier is a long time friend of the family who owns and operates the El Tequileño tequila factory that's located just up the hill from La Capilla. His signature drink is the Batanga made with El Tequileño Blanco and Coke with a little salt and fresh lime. The El Tequileño company was founded in 1959 and Javier created his original Batanga recipe in 1961.

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                          I had one of these last night with Herradura blanco. Filled tall glass with ice. Poured in two shots of blanco. Juice of one fresh lime over that. Sprinkle of salt over that. Topped off with coke. It was actually quite good.

                          1. re: MichaelG

                            Yep. That's where I had my first Batanga. La Capilla is definitely the best bar in town and I was in a lot of them.....

                          2. Sweet highballs like X and Coke are a young person's drink, in the same sphere as soda-pop-flavored beer, candy-flavored schnapps, dessert-flavored drinks strained into cocktail glasses, and anything with, ahem, "SoCo". I was amazed to see that the favored drink among punk rock kids at London clubs in the early 90s was Jack and Coke. (That didn't seem very punk: shouldn't you be drinking, like, lighter fluid and Tang?)

                            Cuervo Black and Coke is very clearly targeted at this type of drinker. Those concoctions aren't utterly terrible, to my mind (Grandma likes her Cuba Libres, and who am I to tell her she's wrong?), but at some point in my early 20s I got tired of sugary drinks, and gravitated to potions that have a better balance of flavors. Sampling Campari at the age of 19, I thought it was the single worst thing I had ever tasted in my life, and now the Negroni might be my favorite cocktail, and my bar has twenty bottles of various bitters.

                            No one's going to get rich trying to convince college kids to swill Fernet Branca. I'm guessing the Cuervo folks are onto something here: take a cheap mixto (mostly grain neutral spirits you can distill from fermented grass clippings, no need for much expensive agave in there) and charred-oak age it for a little bit to give it some extra sugar and color. Market the hell out of this cheap product, profit. Simple, really. SoCo and lime, anyone?

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                              "(That didn't seem very punk: shouldn't you be drinking, like, lighter fluid and Tang?)"

                              This is a definite sidenote and perhaps more of a raver drink than a punk one, but I had a DJ friend who was into mixing Bombay Sapphire and Tang, and it glowed under a black light.

                            2. I was working in a medical office in the Bronx last year and the staff was young and diverse. Like a Caribbean cruise. It seems that a hip-hop song that was popular with the staff mentioned Hennesey cognac. It became the preferred indulgence of the Friday night beginning of weekend celebration. They frequently mixed the V.S.O.P. with Pepsi. I was cringing on the inside but did not comment. Thinking of the care with which the grapes were tended. The careful prep and fermentation prior to distillation and the storage to maturity, the loss of the angels share due to evaporation. Mixed with Pepsi.

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                                That sound's absolutely horrible. If only the people with money would let the rest of us get their good stuff and they can drink their Pepsi.

                              2. The unanimous choice for mixing with tequila in Mexico is Fresca, or a similar tasting brand like Squirt.This drink is called the Paloma.When I work in Mexico we get a bottle of tequila in the rider and they usually bring Jimador(the Cuervo Gold of Mexico), a mixto, or something like a Cazadores along with a bucket of ice and a two liter bottle of fresca.

                                Mexicans prefer to mix coke with rum or brandy, squirt for tequila or Buchanan's whisky, the most popular whiskey in Mexico, 12 or 18 years old.

                                If you want a simple and great tequila cocktail, the Paloma is puro Mexicano, borrachos.

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                                  The Paloma I discovered at a resort in Puerto Vallarta - which I am not claiming is authentic, just delicious - was tequila with Kas mixer and a salt rim. I loved it. At home I duplicate it with grapefruit soda such as Ting or President's Choice Italian-style. It's replaced the margherita for me - same sour/salt/sweet/bitter thing happenin.

                                  1. re: julesrules

                                    And that's why Julesrules! If I'm not going to make fresh lime juice, and have everything set up for a real margarita, I'd rather have a Paloma anyday over a margarita mix concoction.It's fast, easy, and is the choice of Mexicans at the palenques, salones,clubs, discotecas,plaza de toros,and ferias of Mexico.


                                2. Tic N Doc..

                                  Tequila and Dr Pepper. Not as bad as it sounds, if you like the whole booze and soda pop cocktail approach.

                                  1. I tried Cuervo Black and coke and I liked it. It was a really unique drink.

                                    and I'm not really a big fan of Tequila. Unless it's Don Julio.

                                    1. My very first drink was tequila and coke. It was at a fair in Victorville after hours, and they called it a San Juan Coke. I've never had the nerve to order it, but I drink it at home all the time!

                                      1. Honestly I gotta admit I've ordered it, hell I've even made it for myself at home/at parties. Please understand I really do enjoy quality alcohol and I love slowly enjoying quality alcohol just as it is, give me even a taste of Don Julio 1942 and I would be in pure heaven. However, when I'm not looking to savor the taste of my alcohol, I gotta admit that the Cuervo Black and Coke isn't a bad option especially as a cheap social/party drink. In fact I think it's the only time I ever drink cuervo for the most part.