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Oct 24, 2007 09:04 AM

Sit down BBQ w/ alcohol?

Can anyone recommend a sit down BBQ place (i.e. waiter service and drinks) in or near the western suburbs? At this point, I am thinking of trying Firefly's in Framingham but I am always open to suggestions. Keep in mind alcohol is a must as we are going out for my birthday and my dining companions will want to have a drink or 3. Thanks!

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  1. Blue Ribbon in West Newton has beer and wine. I like their barbecue.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Yeah but they don't have waiter service....
      I haven't been to Firefly's but that might be a good bet. Uncle Pete's is always excellent, it's in Revere.

    2. I would suggest Redbones in Somerville. Not too far from the westwern suburbs. They have a full bar and an excellent beer selection with an upbeat atmosphere. If you arrive early or want to stay on after your meal, you can grab drinks at either the bar upstairs or downstairs.

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      1. re: Chrispy75

        ant tips for parking near Redbones? I have not had good luck in the past.

        1. re: Gordough

          Sunday is by far the easiest day to find parking because you can park in the resident spots without a sticker. On other days, the public lot behind Redbones sometimes comes up a winner. If Davis Sq. is really jammed, I will park on Mass Ave. and walk down one of the side streets. This option usually saves me the frustration of driving in circles for 20 minutes.

          1. re: Gordough

            There's a metered parking lot on Holland St, just past the T station. It's large enough that there's a fair amount of turnover, so it might be a good place to start.

            There are a few smaller metered lots on Grove Street as well. A smidge closer to Redbones, but the odds of finding a space are lower.

            I'd also like to highlight an extra possible selling point for Redbones: their wheel o' microbrews, a beer selection mechanism for the indecisive.

        2. No waiters but alcohol at Soulfire in Allston. I've had good luck my 2 times there. Good place to watch a game too.

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          1. re: Joanie

            I second Soul Fire. Good meat, good sauces.

            1. re: kitchenkate

              I'll third Soul Fire, always been happy there. I also like Redbones, don't mind the crowd, and think Blue Ribbon is also good (though as I recall there isn't beer at the Arlington location, haven't been to the West Newton one).

          2. I would go to Firefly's in Framingham over Redbones in Somerville. Even though Redbones is closer to me I would drive to Firefly's. The food is far better in my opinion at Firefly's. Redbones is very small and usually crowded. The tables are small and people are packed in like sardines. At Firefly's you can sit at a table or in a comfortable booth. Firefly's also has plenty of free parking. It's not easy trying to find a parking space at Redbones and avoiding a parking ticket.

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            1. re: buffet king

              I agree. Although my fav in the area is Uncle Pete's (for their fab pork spare ribs), I'd choose Firefly's over Redbones any day. Redbones IS a lot of fun, especially downstairs, but the actual BBQ is, well, kind of below average.

              1. re: Bostonbob3

                I haven't tried Uncle Pete's in Revere yet. I will have to try the ribs at Uncle Pete's. What else would you recommend at Uncle Pete's? I have been to Firefly's, Blue Ribbon BBQ, Lester's BBQ and Redbones. I used to go to Redbones all the time. In my opinion the food at Redbones was better years ago.

                1. re: buffet king

                  The pork spare ribs are far and away the best thing at Uncle Pete's. They're "competition quality," so don't expect that nasty "fall off the bone," mushy, overcooked nonsense too many places call BBQ.

                  If you like beef BBQ, the enormous Texas ribs are good, too.

                  Sides are kind of hit or miss, although surprisingly, there's a decent Thai salad (Pete's wife is Thai).

                  I understand Pete recently spent a month in Texas learning the fine art of brisket BBQ, so I'll have to try that next time I go.

              2. re: buffet king

                Wow. I really couldn't ever imagine picking Firefly's over Redbones. Redbones has better BBQ, better atmosphere and a better beer selection IMO. Just my opinion though and what do I know! :)

                1. re: TomH

                  Redbones is like cilantro. People love it or hate it. I'm in the latter camp, although the atmosphere is definitely more fun for a party.

              3. I'd go with RedBones for convenience and beer selection (wheel of indecision at the bar is fun). Another option is East Coast Grill. Full bar, plus good small bbq selection - ribs and pulled pork.

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                1. re: edgrimley

                  Why are we suggesting Redbones, Uncle Pete's Soul Fire etc when the OP obviously mentioned the MetroWest. None of the places mentioned are close to the metrowest except Firefly's so based on Op's question that is my rec. Good luck OP.

                  1. re: Northstar22

                    Well, to be fair, when Chrispy75 suggested Redbones, the OP did ask about parking, which would suggest some level of interest...

                    1. re: finlero

                      I know but none of the suggestions are close to the Metrowest parking or no parking. Just Baffled that's all.

                      1. re: Northstar22

                        I don't know, I live in West Concord and think of Redbones as my local bar - its easy to get in and out if you know what you are doing. Half hour drive is nothing when you live outside of 128 - for me, Firefly would be a half hour drive - everything is a half hour drive from where I live.

                        1. re: LStaff

                          Plus the choices are so limited. He already knew about Firefly, just trying to throw some booze/bbq places out othere. isn't there another place where the bikers go on Rt. 20 in Marlborough that has bbq? Not a bbq only place, has patio? Can't remember the name.