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Oct 24, 2007 08:49 AM

Let the Holiday gift ideas begin!!!

Please share all ideas from mail order favorites, homemade goodies to creative food related gifts. Who's giving out what??

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  1. I'm giving out bottles of homemade limoncello! It's mellowing out with the sugar syrup in it right now so it should be perfect in time for the holidays.

    1. I'll start. My grandmother died at 99 this fall and I plan to make a small cookbook of her personal recipes for my cousins. Refrigerator rolls, pecan pie, cold-oven pound cake, "pecan kissies", butterscotch slices (THE childhood cookie jar cookie), pudding, etc. (somehow they all seem to be sweets, huh?) My homemade gifts are always completely unappreciated as far as I can tell, but I am undaunted. Surely they can't disrespect MaMa ;-)

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        How are you doing your small cookbook? I would love to do this for my family as well.Since both sisters don't know how to cook, they always call me to email them recipes or ideas.

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          Not sure yet, as I just had the idea this week. I expect to write it and insert photos in WORD, and print it on my color printer on some sort of fancy paper. The actual binding I have not yet decided on. Possibly really heavy cardboard, pierced with grommets, and tied together w/ a crochet chain (my grandmother didn't knit, she crocheted). A trip to the art supply store is in order.

          It's a good excuse to make goodies, so I can get some photos.

      2. For my co-workers, I'll bake French butter cookies and meringues (the former uses only egg yolks and the latter uses the whites that would otherwise go to waste). The cookies and meringues go into separate gift tins and I stick on a label with something on the order of, "From Deenso's Kitchen," and list the ingredients (not the recipes).

        In addition to the cookies and meringues, I'll stew prunes in Beaujolais, to be packed into pretty glass jars for my bosses. These need to be refrigerated, so I'll indicate that on the gift label, as well. Fortunately, the prunes can be done a few weeks in advance, so that will probably be my first post-Thanksgiving weekend project and I'll get to the cookies and meringues the following weekend.

        I can't believe it's actually time to start thinking about this stuff!

        1. I do batches of cookie dough (all kinds) and wrap them in parchment paper. I do them every year so everyone looks forward to it. and then i usually do one other thing. in the past...salted caramels, rosemary shortbread, hot chocolate mix. this year will be a mexican-style chocolate sauce. i always think of the liquer thing too late.

          1. I will probably be doing what I did last year which was using Ina Garten's recipes, slightly modified, for Granola and Chocolate Truffles. I packaged both in tins and, though I was nervous as it was one of my first attempts at a homemade gift, was relieved when it was such a big hit. My uncle actually went out, bought the ingredients and had me come over and make a batch of granola last time I was in town.