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Oct 24, 2007 08:14 AM

where to eat in brookfield, ct?

hello new-englanders....i will be in brookfield for a wedding at candlewood inn (candlelake? inn) this weekend (along with two other philly-ites) and am looking for breakfast/brunch and dinner options. we will arrive early saturday afternoon and will need two meals that day and a breakfast/brunch on sunday and monday. we are not fussy eaters, we just like good food (fine dining or down and dirty, it doesn't matter). asian, american, grilled, italian, middle eastern, ethiopian, african, mexican....whatever you've got, please let me know! thanks...

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    1. It's really hard to recommend which Ethiopian place to choose in Brookfield - there are so many and they're all so great.

      Okay, really. Here are recommendations from my mom, current and longtime Brookfield resident:

      Bailey's Backyard, 640 Federal Rd in Brookfield, 203/775-3392

      Portobello's, for pizza, 782 Federal Rd in Brookfield, 203/775-4400

      Rickyl's for breakfast/lunch, 800 Federal Rd in Brookfield, 203/775-6042

      And though it's not in Brookfield, the New Colony Diner at 14 Stony Hill Road in Bethel is great. 203/791-2280

      There are plenty of lovely and good restaurants in Bethel and Danbury, too. Search this board and see what you come up with. You might want to look for what's in New Milford, too.


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        :D i have no idea what connecticut is all about, so i didn't want anyone to not mention a restaurant because it was too out there. please thank your mom from me. and thank you too for the geographic recommendation...

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          You're welcome! I grew up in Brookfield and go back frequently - definitely is not a hotbed of superfine dining, but there's good stuff in the surrounding area. That said, for three meals, you can stick to Brookfield and do just fine. I actually adore the pizza at Portobello.

          And while you're in Brookfield, stop at the Bridgewater Chocolate store at 559 Federal Road. Among the best chocolate I've ever had, especially their toffee. Looks very uncharming and unauspicious from the outside but it's great. The address says Federal Road but really the entrance is on Silvermine Road (I think it's Silvermine - you'll figure it out).

          Enjoy the wedding!

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          jsd, I haven't laughed out loud at something on Chowhound in a long time. Thanks for this....