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Oct 24, 2007 08:13 AM

Road Trip from Philly to Seattle

My friends are going to be taking a road trip from Philly to Seattle the first week in November. I am hoping that they can find some good inexpensive food along the following corridors.

I-80 from Youngstown to Chicago

I-90 from Chicago to Madison

Possible trips from there:

I-94 Minneapolis to Billings , Montana

I-90 from Madison to Missoula , Montana

I-80 from eastern Iowa to western Wyoming

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Michele,

    That sounds like my kind of trip. I've driven each of those routes and several side road routes along the same lines. I know this may not be appropriate for this board but I find that territory is fairly well covered on the roadfood.com forums.

    What I've discovered, at least between here (MSP) and Billing, MT, or here and Cheyenne, WY or here and Spearfish, SD, you really need to be willing to stray a bit from the interstates to find chowish gems. Similarly, most of what you'll find will be small-town cafe stuff and/or taquerias as you get more west.

    I used to have a number of specific recommendations but lost a lot of my trip photos and info from the last several years to a computer glitch during my recent job change. I hope that helps somewhat -- information is hard to come by, but it's out there.

    1. Michele,

      If the trip ends up on I80 in Iowa you might want to review this extensive post on chow spouts in Iowa City. With the U of Iowa located there the food is outstanding for a city of its size. Cow discussion at:


      If you take 80 you might also want to search this Chow site for Des Moines. Both right on I80 and no big side trips.

      I have driven from DSM to Seattle on several occasions and expect that you will get some wonderful suggestions from here. Although not inexpensive, my favorite stop, for the view and the food, is at the Cave B Inn, Tendrils, in central Washington on the Columbia gorge. It might be worth the splurge.