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Oct 24, 2007 07:32 AM

Sr citizens in Portland ME

Taking Mom and her sister (75+) for a trip thru the Midcoast area, stopping in Portland, ME...this is their 1st time.
Looking for a non-noisy, spacious, great food Street&Co is out, as would Bresca...
thinking seafood is in order...Thanks in advance

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  1. My favorite "white table cloth" spot with really excellent food and more quiet atmosphere is definitely Back Bay Grill. Haven't been there for a while, but have always found the food very good, the service excellent, etc.: perfect for discriminating elders!

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    1. re: mainemal

      I am amazed that the Back Bay Grill isn't recommended more often here. It's lovely and comfortable and the food is impeccable. I'm a big fan of Local 188, too, but not for the over-75 crowd.

    2. Local 188 on Congress Street (at Longfellow Square) is a good choice for spacious with great food. Took my parents there the other night and they both were very pleased. You also may want to try Natasha's or Five Fifty-Five. Back Bay Grill is an excellent recommendation as well.

      1. Back Bay Grill is excellent and very consistant.
        Probably your best bed.
        Local 188 I feel is for younger people.

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          I beg to differ. We were there about 2 weeks ago and saw many, many older folks who seemed to be having a great time. (I'm not kidding about "older," either - one diner had a walker.)

        2. Here in Portland, we're conflicted about putting it all together for a great seafood restaurant, especially for older folks. So if it's view, accessability, parking, and great seafood you want, you've got Dimillo's, Joe's Boathouse and Sea Grille in So.Portland for the first three, Street & Co. or Caiola's for the fourth.