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Oct 24, 2007 06:44 AM

Northside Trattoria in Westfield is now "16 Prospect"

And old reliable favorite in Westfield ("Northside Trattoria") closed for a few weeks, remodeled and just re-emerged as "16 Prospoect Wine Bar and Bistro".
I checked out the bistro section (i.e. the restaurant part in the back of it) and not much has changed. Same type and quality of food and service. The menu has fewer choices. Prices are the same and I thought in some cases even lower.

More Details in my blog entry.

I'll go back soon to check out the now nicer and larger bar to see if it is truly a wine bar or just a bar that offers a few more wines by the glass.

Finally, I absolutely don't understand the appeal of naming a restaurant for street number and street name. In particular, if you have a well established name like "Northside Trattoria" why would you give it up for something essentially meaningless like "16 Prospect"? Imagine all the place in restaurant row (Elm Street) would do the same.

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  1. In regards to your question about renaming the place, I've only lived in the area for 13 years, and when I think of the "Northside Trattoria" I think of a crowded, noisy, stroller strewn, kids running around place for fair pizza, better calzone, good linguine w/white clam sauce and salads (and yes, we enjoyed the place, stroller and all). From what I understand, the present owners don't want that image. I think they did the right thing relaunching the place.

    1. Been here twice in the past week. Seared tuna served on bed of greens is excellent---slices of grilled tuna done to level of doneness you actually request. I could probably live without the teriyaki sauce they put on it, but it's ok. I had a taste of the mussels with chorizo, very nicely done. French fries are incredible--thick planks with skins, served in a tall chrome cup. Skip the babyback ribs (served as a "small plate")--they are saturated with some kind of sweet syrup, sort of a meat-flavored lollypop. Frozen Grand Marnier souffle was a very good dessert, if you don't want something too sweet. Excellent creme brulee.

      Very attentive service both nights.

      The room is very comfortable, nicely decorated. They have live music. The first night I was there, it was a really good piano player/vocalist. The second night, it was a Brazilian-style jazz guitarist/vocalist. Not a stroller in sight. Overall, I say that the owners are really making an effort to create a sophisticated but comfortable adult-oriented restaurant with a wide range of realistically-priced entrees. I'll definitely be returning.

      1. New web site for 16 Prospect coming soon -