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Oct 24, 2007 06:33 AM

Weird Chicken

A friend of mine was going to make her chicken and biscuits last night as she does a few times each year. She took a whole fryer and brought a pot of water to a rolling boil...threw in the chicken and poached it for about a half hour. When she took it out and put it on a platter, it was all shiny and bloody? I have NEVER seen a chicken do that...and she threw it away. The chicken had been in the freezer for about 8-9 months. Any ideas??? Normally she says the chicken comes out nice and white and poached perfectly. Help!

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  1. It may have been freezer-burned or something which meant that she probably didn't know it wasn't throughly thawed and she boiled it while slightly frozen or something. I'm not really sure what you meant about "shiny." Truthfully, my mom has months old chicken in the freezer that she would boil up for ours to make soups (the meat was edible but really dry.)

    1. Yikes! A half and hour for whole chicken, albeit a fryer, seems way too short. When cooking bone-in chicken, blood leaches from the bone. All of the juices will run clear once the chicken has fully cooked.
      If you've every fried up say bone -in thighs, you may have noticed blood being emitted from the bone as it is in the process of cooking.

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        Sounds like it was still frozen. I usually poach my whole fryer chicken in about 45 minutes, so at 1/2 an hour, it shouldn't be shiny and bloody.