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Oct 24, 2007 06:28 AM

Thanksgiving, large group, downtown Pittsburgh

Looking for a non-buffet turkey dinner for large group of 20, with either private room or cordoned-off area. Our hotel is in Station Square, but we'll go wherever the food/ambiance is good. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You might check with Le Pommier on Carson Street, not far from Station Square. They have a nice room upstairs. I don't know if they will be open for Thanksgiving.

    1. Downtown, Tonic on Liberty has great modern food and an upstairs that can be cordoned off. No idea if they're doing anything on Thanksgiving. (Don't mind the "Bar and Grill" part of the name. They don't mean that.)

      1. We've looked for this sort of thing the past couple of years - not even that big a group or need for a private room, but just a non-buffet turkey dinner. Didn't find anything we'd recommend.

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          I have spent many holidays on the Pittsburgh holiday buffet/non-buffet circuit. Not by choice! We had Christmas dinner last year at the Terrace Room in the Omni William Penn hotel. The room is very large and I think they could corner off an area. There is also a large lobby area with seating which was nice for children and people that want to get up for a while. They had a special Christmas menu and the food was the best we ever had on a holiday at a restaurant. I don't have time to check but I bet they are open on Thanksgiving. I do remember it being expensive but not sure exact price. A lot of people also like the Grand Concourse - I don't. We have had large areas reserved for holidays. It is a buffet. I think it is way too crowded, too many kids walking up to the buffet unattended and picking food off.... If we had to do another holiday out we'd go to the Terrace Room.

        2. UUBU6 on the South Side is open with a non-buffet menu, but I'm guessing Panini Guy may have tried and found lacking. I haven't been and have read only mixed things about the restaurant. Sounds vaguely interesting from the menu but I never end up going. Not sure how well they would accommodate a group of 20.

          Last Thanksgiving my dad was in town and we (three of us total) went to Hyeholde. Even this is a buffet, but they did a reasonably good job given the normal quality of the restaurant. Should be able to accommodate a group, but probably not a private room, and they get it pretty cramped in there on that day. Not really at all convenient to Station Square.

          I had trouble finding many options that were even open, buffet or no, in various areas of town. Normally I don't go out or even bother with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at all. Just make sure to have something more typical around I can make at home.

          At Station Square you'll be right at the Grand Concourse, but that will be a zoo. Very popular at Thanksgiving and a buffet anyway. Maybe something hotel-connected would be open. Bigelow Grille, for example, is vaguely connected to the Doubletree Hotel downtown and might be open. At least this should be above average vs most hotel food, even if it's still a buffet. I have no idea if open but could be worth checking

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            I'm not that thorough - hadn't even considered UUBU6 would be an option! (Not to mention I'd have wrongly assumed Tofurkey was involved based on early reviews when they first opened...)

            Anyway, if the OP has to settle for buffet, the good news is that they won't even need to leave the hotel. There's a pretty big buffet right in the Sheraton.

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              We had an absolutely awful meal at UUBU6. My wife and I along with our two friends were looking for a nice nice out and began the evening here. What an overpriced let down it was. We all ordered something different and none of us much cared for any of the dishes. They managed to serve a steak rare instead of med. well and it was still extremely tough, and small! The service was severely lacking, the water tasted awful (we live five minutes away with city water that tastes fine), and the food was mediocre at best. DO NOT waste you Thanksgiving at this place.

            2. Well, the "elders" made a reservation at the Westin for the buffet. I hate buffets -- mainly because everyone keeps popping up to get more food. Very disruptive...and there's so much overeating. I'd rather have a single-sized portion of something terrific and enjoy the company of the people I'm with! Oh well. I'm not the one to make the final decision on this and will go along to get along. Thanks for the input to all. BTW, I did look at the menu at UUBU6, but because of the lack of reviews, just let it go. Best wishes for a happy turkey day to all.

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                Too late for you, but I'm a fan of UUBU 6. I've been twice for lunch, and no complaints. Nice bistro food, cozy ambiance. The dinner menu is pricey, IMO.