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Oct 24, 2007 06:11 AM

Asbury Park, NJ

Going to a show at The Convention Center in Asbury Park this Friday. Where should we eat beforehand? Anytype of food or price is OK. We are driving from Manhattan - so, I am even open to anywhere along the way to there. Thanks.

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  1. I really have not had too many great meals in Asbury. Bistro Ole was o.k. last year when I went. Maybe someone lese can fill you in, but on the way there on Route 35 South in Cobblestone Village there is a great Italian restaurant.

    Piccolo Italia. I have never had a bead meal here yet. Follow the link and see if you like!

    Have fun!!! It is in the town of Ocean.

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      While I agree with Angelina that Piccola is the best in the area, I do think there are more than several decent and servicable restaurants in AP. Ones that I'e tried and liked include: Market in the Middle, Taka, Jimmy's, Old Man Rafferty's and Sister Sues. I too am not a fan of Bistro Ole but the masses seem to disagree. Others that I've wanted to try include Plan B, Carmine's and Isabella's. So there you go. Good Luck and let us know how it goes.

      1. re: Angelina

        did not undertand old man raferty - strictly pedestrian what was good?

        1. re: sodapopok

          soda - The sandwiches, salads and desserts are very good. Nothing to go crazy about - just solid "pedestrian" fare.

      2. Bistro Ole is overrated. Taka is very good. We just heard great things about Harrison's.

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        1. re: briellefoodie

          I agree Bistro totally overrated but so is Old Man Rafferty's go to Taka

        2. I'm supprised that no one has mentioned Moonstruck in Asbury, as it is on of the best restaurants in all of Jersey. Forget the Harrison and Market in the Middle. You simply can't go wrong with TAKA - I've eaten there at least a dozen times in the past two years and it is always enjoyable. Carmine's is good as well on main street. Bistro Ole
          has slipped now that Will Vivas the founding chef is gone.

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          1. re: bjsimmons

            Yes, Moonstruck good...Market in the Middle stinks -- too much silliness to taken seriously. The food is mediocre at best, shelves with organic diapers and feminine products in the dining area?!? The service is terrible. Psychics and Sunday Brunch Leftovers? Puleeese...

            1. re: foodreview

              That's pretty harsh foodreview. While I don'[t disagree that its service is at time disjointed and some food items miss the mark, I don't think Market "stinks" or is even "mediocre". While it may not be deserving of it hype, I believe the food is quite good especially if you know what to order. Case in point the ribs and the tuna entree are excellent.

              1. re: bgut1

                I agree. Market is not the best in Asbury (Moonstruck and Bistro are my favs), but for the atmosphere and cocktails, it is a good spot.

                I would vote for Sister Sue's. It's excellent, cheap, and BYO. So stop
                by a local wine/beer shop, select a good dry to sweet white wine, or a microbrew, and dive in.

                I also don't think Bistro is overrated. In fact, I think the right term is that it has changed chefs, and the quality has gone down. In its prime, however, it was worth every Zagat point.

            2. re: bjsimmons

              We've been to Moonstruck twice (both times during the holiday season) and both times were fabulous experiences - great food, pleasant/professional service, amazing cocktails and lovely piano entertainment - they're specials are fantastic as well - try their lemon ginger martini - it's to die for! Can't wait to go back this Christmas!

            3. Taka, Brickwall and Moonstruck are really good. Market and the Harrison are decent but overpriced. Bistro Ole is dead... Old Man Rafferty's and Carmine's are a few steps above Olive Garden or Fridays. You can also go over the lake to Ocean Grove to Captain Jack's or into Bradley Beach to Bamboo Leaf, Citrico's or Vic's, for the good value and the best tomato pies.

              1. Moonstruck is a fav of mine,as well. Great food and atmosphere! The food is simple, and comes with the old standby of mashed and veg, but done nicely.

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                1. re: IPlayWithMud

                  You people are all crazy. Best places in Asbury regardless of price are Carmines for a great New World Italian, Market in the Mdl for lunch and cheap but fun dinner, Harrisons, and moonstruck are played out and over priced for what they serve. YOu can also try Manhattan Steak House in Ocean Twp on 35 South between West Park ave and deal road. Awsome place, awsome food and good wine list. Mr. C's on the oceanfront in Allenhurst is great too, great view, good food, fun people around, although I would say the wine list is lacking. But I still love the place because I can walk home from there. THere is also an awsome portugese place in long branch on broadway . Pearl of the sea or Pearl on Broadway or something like that but it ios killer. lotsa luck