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Oct 24, 2007 05:56 AM

Martini Bar with Style

My spouse wants me to take her to a Martini bar in Manhattan. Any suggestions for ones that are known for their quality mixes and quirky clientele would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Park Avenue Autumn (aka summer, winter spring) has a seperate martini bar

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      1. re: Marco

        Not sure what you mean by quirky clientele, but I'm pretty confident Park Avenue Autumn doesn't have it. One of the cocktail lounges might serve you well - Pegu Club, Flatiron Lounge, Employees Only. Or on the more dressed up side, the bar at the Peninsula, Stone Rose Lounge at the Time Warner Center.

        1. re: jsgjewels

          should probably add Blue Owl & death & co. to that list too... more quality cocktails...

          1. re: jsgjewels

            Quirky was a bad choice of a word. All I meant was non-fraternity interestingly mixed with a vibe.

            1. re: Marco

              I only made one visit to the Flatiron Lounge but it was filled with the biggest pack of poseurs I've ever seen. Awful people.

              I second the Angel's Share recommendation (go early, it's small and fills up) and will add Temple Bar. Very cool indeed.



              1. re: Bob Martinez

                Temple looks good. Thanks for tip on Flatiron, will avoid.

      2. What about the Modern at MOMA? Don't know about their martinis, but it's a well-heeled crowd in a stylish setting.

        My other choice for old-world cocktails might be the Monkey Bar.

        1. Angel's Share has great martinis and cocktails, and a quirky atmosphere and clientale.

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          1. re: Gluttonous Prime

            Thanks Hounds for all the suggestions. We'll probably go to Pegu one night and Flatiron the other.

          2. One of our fave's for Old world NY is Bemelman's at the Carlyle Hotel. DH and I love to start or end a special evening here.

            1. don't forget about SIMONE Martini Bar and Cafe 134 St. Mark's Place--they have many varieties of flavors