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Oct 24, 2007 05:40 AM

Dub's Pies Coming to Windsor Terrace?

Walked by the vacant store across the street from Farrell's this morning. It used to be a check cashing place, and has been vacant for several months now.

Looked in and saw display cases and construction material, and there were signs in the window that mentioned Dub's. It was still dark so I couldn't read the signs, but I took it to mean that Dub's is expanding from their original Red Hook location.

My wife and I first had Dub's meat pies at a wine tasting held by Morrell's a few years ago, and they knocked us out. We thought they were terrific. However, they did not deliver to Park Slope, so you either had to visit their store (totally inconvenient for the carless), or order by the case (not practical for us).

Dub's would be a great addition to the neighborhood and add some very welcome food options.

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  1. ...And with the new Filipino take-out on 16th Street, and the excellent Fez Cafe Moroccan restaurant on Prospect Park West the nabe is finally becoming an Axis of Eatsville.

    1. They also make a great espresso drink called a "flat white", which is rarely found outside of Australia and New Zealand. It's equal parts steamed milk, with the foam folded in, and espresso. The one I had on Columbia Street was really good, the barista quite skilled.

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        what about the new pizza place next to farrells?

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          I stopped in there recently. A man there told me the restaurant will be open in about two to three weeks. They have a beautiful woodburning oven for the pizza. On another note, My Hero, the sandwich shop that opened this summer, is supposed to make great eggplant parm heros.

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          Weird - I think someone ordered one of those after me at Brooklyn Tea & Bean on Atlantic the other morning. I had no idea what the guy was talking about, but the barista/owner did.

        3. Anybody know anything about the rumoured bakery on PPW between Prospect Ave & 17th?

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            Bakery, huh? I wondered what was going into that space. I hope you heard right.

          2. Finally walked over to DUB's Pies tonight, and it's so great to have a quick, easy, delicious meal in WT. We tried the steak and mushroom, the chicken and vegetables and the shepherd's pie. All had perfect texture--flaky, light crust with a peppery sauce. Our favorite was steak and mushroom. They don't deliver yet but will soon. We will be back again very soon unless the new year's diet actually kicks in this year. Horray for more options in WT. Oh, we also stopped in the new Juice Box wine shop on Prospect Ave and Greenwood--another thrilling addition to the neighborhood. We really wanted to run in and hug the owners and can't explain how happy we are they finally opened.