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Oct 24, 2007 05:06 AM

Jestine's Kitchen in Charleston?

worth a visit? authentic or tourist trap?

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  1. Recent posts have said it's gone downhill but I've always had a great experience at Jestine's. Southern soul food with fresh ingredients served by a friendly and professional staff. My most recent visit was March of this year.

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      I went to Jestine's in April, and my fried chicken was over cooked and dry as shoe leather. Maybe it depends on who is in the kitchen that day.

    2. I was here some years ago and didn't like it then! I thought the veggies were terribly bland and much of the food overcooked. Considering that I liked every other place in Charleston where I ate, this was a disappointment!!!

      1. This place was best right when it opened about 8 years ago now I feel it is mainly just a tourist trap. for real soul food try Ledy's on savannah hwy or berthas? on upper meeting st extention. good luck!

        1. I've always preferred Boulevard Diner in Mt. Pleasant over Jestine's, but even it's had its ups and downs.

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            We were at Jestine's a month or so ago and it was terrible. Slow and rather indifferent service, and dismal food. The fried chicken was so bland and stale that it could hardly have been called fried chicken, and the veggies were mush.

          2. Gullah Cuisine is a favorite. A little polished for soul food but the food is great. I like the lunch buffet better than the dinner menu.

            Dave's Seafood and Hannibals Kitchen downtown are great and cheap.

            I live close to Ledy's and have yet to have a good meal there. The red rice is always dry and oily. Does anyone have a particular dish/day/time that Ledy's is best? I think that they may do a Sunday dinner. Might have to try it again.

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              I was at Jestine's Kitchen on Sunday. Not really impressed. Lots of fried foods. We waited in a short line on the side of the building for 3/4 hour and a small group formed in front of the restaurant after us and the dippy hostess took them in first (even after we told them the line formed on the side as per the hostess). No organization for hostess. She was in another world. Nothing like pissing off 12 patrons before entering the restaurant! I had the fried chicken which was good (a little dry) and DH had the fried chicken livers & okra, he wasn't impressed. The piece of cornbread was itsy bitsy. I wouldn't return.