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Oct 24, 2007 01:07 AM

Frank's RedHot?

Craving wings and the best place to get them is from my own kitchen. Thing is, I need Frank's RedHot to make them right. I've checked the local supermarkets in my area but no luck. Nothing on the online grocery sites either. Has anyone noticed it anywhere?



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    1. re: CTownFeedR

      Might be a stretch but a place like Whole Foods(Kensington High Street) I think might have it. There used to be a place in Chelsea that sold American foods.

      What part of town are you in? areas with large numbers of Americans you'll have a better chance of finding it.

      Since you're living in London no doubt you'll be getting lots of visitors. Have the next one bring over a bottle or two. Safely packed in the checked luggage.

      1. re: Withnail42

        Thanks, I'll check out Whole Foods next time I'm there.


        1. re: CTownFeedR

          You might also try Partridge's on the Kings Road near Duke of York square. Perhaps downstairs at Harrod's might have it.

    2. Oh, you poor dear! I simply love Frank's Red Hot, use it all the time, but unfortunately I live in the U.S. They do have a website, I think it's, ( I could be wrong), but maybe they'll ship you some if they learn of your plight. Good luck!!

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      1. re: yougomoto

        Thanks for the kind words.

        I've just had a biz trip requested by my clients in NY for next week. Hello half filled suitcase and space for plenty 'o Franks.


      2. It might be easier just to make up the recipe yourself. Get the list of ingredients (can't be that many) and make the sauce from scratch.

        I used to like the sauce myself but then I discovered Texas Pete...

        1. Haha. I'm a New Yorker in Oxfordshire with the same problem. You can sometimes get it at selfridges food hall, but it's also available mail order from a few places:
          Wow, now I'm fiending for wings.
          P.S. - Regarding the comment below about making it yourself, normally I'm all for that, but hot sauces like this are all about the process, i.e., fermentation/cure. etc., so if the real thing is available, I wouldn't attempt to make them any more than I would attempt to "make" prosciutto de parma or armagnac.

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          1. re: szep_ilona

            Thanks for this. I brought back a stash from my trip to NYC for Christmas but this site will help when I run out.


            1. re: CTownFeedR

              I sure you can find a suitable substitute for your wings in one of the main supermarkets (ASDA, Tesco or Waitrose). They all carry a large range of marinades and sauces for meats, especially Waitrose who stock a more gourmet selection.

              1. re: Nii

                You'd think that (I did) but honestly, having tried a variety of sauces already, they just don't turn out right without Franks.

          2. I was walking through Maylebone a couple of weeks ago when I passed a place that claimed it specialized in American goods. It was closed at the time and unfortunately the name escapes me. I'll see if I can dig it up.

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            1. re: Withnail42

              FOUND IT IN LONDON!!

              Sainsbury in Vauxhall stocks them...What a sweet day...

              1. re: Slappywag

                Awesome news. I guess I can no longer say that Vauxhall's only redeeming quality is Hot Stuff...

                1. re: CTownFeedR

                  It's sold in Waitrose, as well as ASDA.

                2. re: Slappywag

                  Waitrose in Holloway Road (Nags Head, North London N7) has Franks. I was in there on Friday and stared at the bottles thinking "do I need this just in case?!" Didn't get any but sure I will next time!

                  1. re: themags

                    yeah waitrose has had it for a while

                    1. re: t_g

                      Not only that, I just checked Ocado and they are now selling it there as well (which they were not when I originally posted this).

                      Happy days.