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ONE fast, smashing, veg, one-bite app please! [Moved from General Topics board]

I have a reputation to hold up, but this week no time to execute. Attending a wine'n'apps event Thursday and need a one-bite (no dips, no plates/forks) that is vegetarian, FAST, and absolutely out-of-this-world. I cannot relinquish my shiny hors d'oeuvres crown now, but I've got to put something together in about an hour before the event... considering the fig/bleu/pecan/endive app from chow, but would love some other speedy smashing ideas.

MUCHAS in advance,
- Kel

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  1. My go to at this time of year is yams sliced into rounds baked with olive oil till soft topped with cream frais and black sea salt. or truffled popcorn. hope that helps :)

    1. If you have a grill: cut the tops off a bunch of jalapeno peppers, scrape out the seeds and membranes, stuff with cheese, replace the lid, wrap with bacon, secure with toothpick, and grill.

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          Bacon is the reason I'm not a vegetarian...

      1. recently attended a wedding where there were some beautiful classic tiny melba toasts w/boursin and figs.

        1. Get large, pitted olives off the olive bar and stuff with bleu chees, and/or marcona almond.

          Teeny corn muffins (cheat - use a mix) with a bit of added cayenne, and topped with a dollop of either pepper jelly or soft cheese.

          The ever popular "cheese cookie" recipe that's basically shredded sharp cheese, flour, cayenne and butter. Always a hit with drinks. They bake quickly.

          Fill the little pre-made phyllo cups with a garlicky and lemony homemade hummus.

          1. Recipe posted on this very site...rice crackers with goat cheese topped with edamame. Sounds interesting and easy.

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              I was just going to recommend that! Whatever you do, don't skip the chili oil (or at least, replace it with something equally spicy).

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                Toasted baguette pieces with pesto. Very simple, people gobble them up, and the toasted surface keeps the pesto from soaking the bread.

            2. Stuffed mushrooms, or those little phyllo cups filled with duxelles or caramelized onion and hazelnuts. Gougeres are always popular and well received.

              Spread baguette slices with good chevre, sprinkle with rosemary and pecans and bake for about 6-7 minutes, drizzle with honey before serving. I found this recipe on Epicurious several years ago and people beg me to make it for every event.

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                Hopefully this isnt too late. My mom always makes these amazing little morsels anytime she has a cocktail party and they are delicious.She sautes chopped portobello mushrooms with some butter, scallions, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and a dash of white wine. Fills mini filo dough cups (the kind you can get in the supermarket) with this mixture and puts a dollop of brie on each and bakes until the cheese is melted and the filo is golden around the edges. I don't have the exact proportions but it's really hard to screw up.

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                  Stuff wonton skins with goat cheese or similarly textured cheese (Boursin?), roasted red peppers, whatever else floats your boat. You may choose to brush with a bit of olive oil or butter. Put on baking sheet or preferably in mini muffin tins (holds shape better). Bake till GBD.

              2. Ideas: Carmelized onion in puff pastry "bun". Cut puff pastry into quarter size rounds and bake according to directions. Fill with thyme balsamic glazed onions.
                Buy tiny tart shells and fill with braised short ribs or oxtail.