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Oct 23, 2007 08:25 PM

Where can I find Argentinian Pizza - Fugazza ?

Does anybody know where I may find Fugazza Pizza? I had it while visiting Buenos Aires and assumed it would be easy to find in NY, but so far I have had no luck

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  1. La Cantina de Don Chicho. Elmhurst/Corona, Queens -- Junction Blvd and Corona Avenue. Best Argentine bakeries: Cafe La Nueva, Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires Bakery.

    Click on the image in this reply to see a fugazza pie. Others know it better as Onion Pizza.

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      You beat me to it. I just recced this place yesterday in a different thread too!

    2. I'm glad you started this topic, and hope you can flesh out some informative responses. I've been in the mood for some good Argentine Pizza for over a year, without satisfaction. My absolute standard go-to Argy pizzeria for the past 40 years closed down about a year ago. That pizzeria was just a few storefronts away from the corner of Roosevelt Ave. and Junction Blvd. -ground zero for the Argentine community in NYC.

      I've been to Don Chicho's about three times. Twice, they only had American Pizza - a couple of drying out slices clearly made hours ago, which the employee there offered to reheat up. On both occasions, I politely declined (no point in getting USA pizza, and hours old at that, from an Argentine joint) and walked across the street where I treated myself to some chorizo sandwiches with chimichurri. (BTW - the third time I went to Don Chicho's - I just looked around for a bit and left without really ordering anything. There were no customers in there and hours old slices behind the counter and I wasn't in the mood for a long wait while something might've been made from scratch.)

      A few months ago, I had some Argentine Pizzza in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. I forget the name of the Argentine Pizzeria, but I think it was on Second Avenue in the East 90's - the pizzeria looked fairly new. There I was also unimpressed with my "jamon and morrones" pizza (ham and peppers). The pizza tasted like mediocre frozen Supermarket pizza.

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        JFores makes a good point in another thread. You can expect to have
        to order a whole pie, especially if you're one, like me, who wants it to be extremely fresh. I also dislike pale looking old slices of pizza. I walk out too.

        Check it out --->

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          You might want to try Boca Junior Argentine Steakhouse at Queens Blvd and 51 ave, across from the mall. Although I have not been there in a year, they make Argie style pizza. When you walk in the door, straight a head is a guy wearing a blue and white team hat tossing pizza dough in the air. The place gets very crowded so I'm sure the turnover is fast and the pizza is fresh. I did not order it though as I like my pizza thin and topless( I know there is joke in there somewhere) and Argie pizza is anything but. Enjoy