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Oct 23, 2007 08:24 PM

Dining suggestions near Fashion Island area needed

planning a night out with my gal pals in a few weeks. We will be near Fashion Island area and are trying to decide on where to eat. Would like to stay around Irvine and fashion Island area...totally open to different cuisines. Looking for good food maybe around $20-30/person. Any suggestions?

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  1. Roy's is the best restaurant in the Fashion Island area.

    1. Besides good food, are you looking for a particular scene, vibe or ambiance? Some of the better restaurant would put you well above $20-$30 per person if that also includes drinks & apps.

      1. For gal pals out in Fashion Island, PF Changs might be worth a consideration. More upscale and probably out of budget would be Tutto Mare or Flemings, and Roy's is good also.

        Nearby in Corona Del Mar would be Bandera, probably a fun scene for you as well.

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          Tutto Mare has been closed for some time now.

          1. re: Philly

            Oops! Thanks for the update Philly. Seems like I was just there the other day, but I guess it's been a few years. Time flies...

        2. Tommy Bahama Tropical Cafe might be a fun option, it is located in the Cornona del Mar Plaza next to Gulfstream (which is also pretty good and the patio is really nice).

          1. I am from that area and always love going out to El Torito grill in the Fashion Island complex with friends. Good margaritas, fresh tortillas and excellent salsa! It is a fun vibe, but not cheesy and the food is good.