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Oct 23, 2007 08:20 PM

Apple Cider Donuts at Union Square Greenmarket?

I've seen these plain uncoated apple cider donuts at several farmstands, but the kind I'm in search of have a light coating of cinnamon sugar. Anyone know if I can find these there at the market?

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  1. Yes, I got some a few weeks ago. I can't be much help as to which vendor had them....but the location was about midway thru the market.

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      Ok, thanks! Hopefully it's a vendor that sells on Fridays and/or Saturdays too. I need some for this weekend.

    2. I don't get up to the Union Sq. market, but I can tell you NOT to get them from the vendor who specializes in rugelach (Just Rugelach?) Apparently this vendor gets around to multiple locations because I've seen the same stand at the Staten Island and Brooklyn Boro Hall markets. Much of his stuff is decent, but the only time I've bought the cider donuts there, they were a disaster. Far too oily, and they just fall apart...inedible really.