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Lenox restaurants: Bistro Zinc, Firefly, Cafe Lucia, Napa or Wheatleigh?

My husband and I will be in Lenox this Sunday night (10/28). It's our first night away from our young children in 2 1/2 years...we'd like to go somewhere romantic, but cozy with yummy/interesting food. We live in Manhattan & eat out a lot so don't feel pressure to eat at the end all - be all restaurant. We'd just like a good, cozy meal and to enjoy each other's company. Any thoughts on our choices? Or other ones? We'd like to stay in Lenox just for ease. Thanks!

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  1. Wheatleigh is probably the best restaurant of the bunch, but also the most formal (jacket required) and expensive. My next choice would be Cafe Lucia, but I believe they're closed Sunday and Monday.

    Firefly can be good or OK, and has a pretty varied menu. I would say that from your list, if you don't want to go to Wheatleigh, Zinc would be a good choice. The food is usually good, and has a nice atmosphere. I wouldn't say that it has the most interesting food though. If you like French Bistro food I would seriously consider driving 10 minutes into Lee and eating at Chez Nous. Probably the best bistro in the Berkshires (with Rouge being a close second).

    1. One place my husband and I love to go is Rumplestiltzkin's at The Village Inn on Church Street in Lenox, and they're definitely open on Sunday nights. I was there a week or so ago, and had a truly incredible pistachio encrusted rack of lamb, and my husband had their lobster pie (decadent and delicious). The other place we go frequently is Dish, also on Church Street. It's small, with a lovely wine list and their menu changes frequently. Their fish dishes are not to be missed. I'd avoid Napa at this point, as they go on the auction block in a few weeks, and the service there (in my experience) has always been appalling.

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        Go for a nice drive to John Andrews. You will NOT be disapppointed. Lovely warm atmosphere and DELICIOUS food! The fresh mozerella app is DIVINE! Wheatleigh is $$$$ and nice but I have to say I'd go to JA in a heartbeat over Wheatleigh. Although brunch at Wheatleigh was very pleasant... :)

      2. John Andrews is definitely worth the drive, although it is about 30 minutes away which might be more then you want to travel. If you really want to stay in Lenox, you might be interested in Barood's. The food is quite good, and it's a nice small place.


        1. Another vote here for Chez Nous in Lee. Fabulous place, very cozy and has great food and service.

          1. Chez Nous is not bad--try the pate. But if you want a romantic dinner that will not remind you of the city, try Old Inn on the Green.

            1. John Andrews and the Old Inn are great choices, probably more like a 40 minute drive though. Prime in Lenox has a New York feel to it, but it's rather pricey. I heard they charge for a side of ketchup! Zinc is hit or miss, I've had terrible service and won't return. Rumplestiltzken's and Dish have consistently great food and service, I eat at both places regularly, and have never heard a discouraging word. Have a great trip and let us know where you landed!

              1. I didn't get to Wheatleigh this year, but I believe their chef has changed - possible that I may be mistaken? Can anyone clarify?
                I finally got to John Andrews this year - it's a good long ride from Lenox, but absolutely wonderful.
                I've always had good luck at Zinc - I know that others have not.
                I found Chez Nous underwhelming - perfectly adequate pate, roasted bass with boring couscous, inedibly sour rhubarb crisp for dessert - really bad - and unfriendly service.
                Lots of good options in Great Barrington, especially Bizen for sushi.

                1. I think Wheatleigh is overrated. I went with other people use to dining at Per Se, Jean George, etc. We joked that we thought we might be on Candid Camera it was so bad. Very disappointing. We stayed at Blantyre, but were unable to dine there because of a private event. All guests were invited to the cocktail hour that was part of the event, and the food served was very good. We had brunch there(Blantyre) which was also good.

                  1. Thank you so much for the great responses! I think we're down to Chez Nous or Rumpelstilskins....we were leaning to Chez Nous but now we're not sure...