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Oct 23, 2007 08:09 PM

Fabulous food - Asheville or Black Mtn.???

Dites-moi, s'il vous plait! Is there...what? and what might be open for dinner on Sundays?????

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  1. Can't really speak for Black Mountain - I know there are some good places there for sure - but you can DEFINITELY eat with many options in the bustling metropolis that is Asheville...

    1. Corner Kitchen in Biltmore Village - but make a reservation a few days ahead. Many restaurants in Asheville are open on Sundays but closed Mondays or Tues.

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        We like the Cellar Door in Black Mountain. Tons of posts here on Asheville - try a search for some good ideas.

      2. The Black Mountain Bistro has good food - I love their Fried Green Tomatoes! And in Asheville, don't miss The Black Forest and/or The Flying Frog.

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          I second Leah's Corner Kitchen rec. Would pick it over any of the others mentioned above.

        2. You must try the Laughing Seed Cafe! While it's not a 5 Diamond experience, every dish is creative, delicious and 100% vegetarian. It's also a very cool atmosphere and the local beer (Green Man or something) is cheap and very good.

          We also ate at an Italian place on our visit (I think it was Fiore's) that was decent.

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            I *heart* laughing seed!

            it gets a bad rep-but i love Jerusalem cafe...and I like Early Girl for breakfast

          2. We frequently return to Early Girl Cafe, Corner Kitchen, Tupelo Honey Cafe and Salsa's. All are open for dinner. Corner Kitchen probably has the best ambience (old house). Salsa's is great for all kinds of Latin food, but be there right when it opens (it's tiny and fills up quickly). Tupelo and Early Girl have many things going for them, but I hit them more for breakfast or lunch. With the exception of Salsa's, they all have websites you can check out.