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Oct 23, 2007 12:12 PM

Attach pdf to a post?

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Is there a way to attach pdf files? I have a translated menu for Chengdu Tianfu.

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  1. p.s. I clicked "Attach photo" and "Browse" and selected the file from local drive, but in the completed posted message it does not show up.

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    1. re: eade

      Chowhound probably only allows graphic files to be attached to your post, which means that you would need to convert the PDF file into a JPG or other graphic format. One other possibility is that Chowhound may have a maximum file size and it might be possible that your PDF file exceeds their maximum file size, but probably it is the first reason, that only graphic files are allowed.

      There are a number of ways to finesse this Chowhound obstacle. One method is to convert your PDF file into a JPG file, and now attach the JPG to another Chowhound post. Another way is to paste the updated menu updates in text format into your original posting as “Brian S” has already suggested. The best way though is to upload your PDF file of the updated information of the “Chendu Tianfu” menu to either your own website for downloading (this can be expensive if you have a limited amount of bandwidth and will be charged extra for bandwidth usage over your limit) or a free file sharing website and provide a link on your post. There are a number of sites that allows free uploads/downloads. Some popular file sharing sites are “,” “,” and “” One issue with is that unless you have a paid account for unloading, the file will be deleted after 3 months have passed where no one has downloaded your file. Filecloud’s problem is one has to wait 30 minutes or more to download a file on their servers. Thus far, does not have the issues mentioned for Rapidshare and Filecloud. Although, if it is a “don’t care” situation that the file will be deleted after 90 days of disuse, Rapidshare might be a good place to temporarily upload your PDF file, since it is quite easy to upload and download files onto the Rapidshare servers.

    2. Can't you just copy the text and put it into the post as plain text? It would be really neat to see that menu and I (and doubtlesss everyone) am grateful to you for doing the translation.

      1. It's not possible to upload PDF files -- only photos. lwong has some great suggestions on how you could upload your file.

        -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound