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Oct 23, 2007 07:00 PM

dog friendly cafes/restos

anyone know any places where i can eat/have coffee with dog in tow?

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  1. Notwithstanding the cover of Gourmet's Montreal issue of a while back, provincial regulations ban all animals from restaurants, including, it would seem, outdoor eating areas. An exception is made for guide dogs.

    1. But there is a café for dogs and their humans on St-Laurent on the east side of the street, in Mile-End. Can't remember the name.

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      1. re: lagatta

        Yep, I've walked past it. It's on St. Laurent north of Fairmount, close to the corner of Bernard if I recall correctly. If you're walking north, it's on the right side of the street.

      2. Co-op La maison verte on Sherbrooke in NDG has a cafe and is dog-friendly.

        1. There is also "Le Reveil du Maitres" or "des Maitres," corner of Laurier and Papineau. It's a pet store-cum-cafe. The whole idea is to cater to what you're looking for, dog owners going out, with their pooches in tow. There's another one on Fairmount, but I'm not sure where exactly it it, but close to the corner of St-Laurent also.
          This summer, we had lunch at Halte Urbaine, and they let us have our dog with us, but I think that's more the exception than the rule.

          1. There is a new pooch café on Monkland in NDG called Le Doggie Bag Café, between Royal and Hampton, the block where Gryphon d'or is.

            Here's an article about it:

            According to the piece, they make all kinds of homemade delights for the pooches, but for their human companions, less is available:

            "Two-leggeds can sit down and drink a coffee or juice, or snack on pre-wrapped cookies. In this the dogs have the better part of the deal, because city by-laws forbid the preparation of food for both humans and animals in the same location."

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            1. re: kpzoo

              [Oops. Read too quickly and before my first cup of coffee. Have changed the following text slightly.]

              I wonder if that loophole is what allows the other establishments to get away with this. Also, contrary to the passage you quote, the regulations appear to forbid animals not only from where human food (including drinks) is prepared but also where it's served.

              From the *Guide des exploitants d'établissements de restauration et de vente au détail d'aliments*:

              "2.1.1 Les articles 2.1.2 à 2.1.5 s'appliquent à tout lieu ou véhicule où se fait la prépartion ou la détention de produits en vue de la vente, de la distribution ou de la fourniture de services moyennant rémunération relatifs à des produits et à tout lieu où est exercée l'activité de restaurateur.

              "2.1.2 Le lieu ou le véhicule doit être exempt de contaminants, de polluants, de toute espèce d'animaux y compris les insectes et les rongeurs ou de leur excréments.

              "Malgré le premier alinéa, un aveugle qui accède comme client au local ou à l'aire de service public peut être accompagné du chien lui servant de guide."

              The last paragraph makes it clear that non-guide dogs are not allowed in restaurants or food-service areas. No mention of an exemption for drinks or prewrapped cookies.

              From an Outremont by-law:

              "12.2 Il est interdit d'introduire ou de garder un chien dans un restaurant ou autre endroit où l'on sert au public des repas ou autres consommations, ainsi que dans les épiceries, boucheries et marchés et autres établissements où l'on vend des produits alimentaires."

              I would read *autres consommations* as including drinks and prewrapped cookies (Le Petit Robert: "Ce qu'un client commande au café. => boisson, rafraîchissement.").

              Will look into this further when I can find time.