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Oct 23, 2007 06:59 PM

Stockbridge area

Looking for interesting restaurants in and around Stockbridge for this weekend (Oct.26-29). Does not have to be fancy, but something good, maybe unique, any ethnic group. Not looking to break the bank but not the cheapest eats either. We love Italian (appreciate good pizza), Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, American, Middle Eastern,
nouveau or classic, whatever, will try something new. Any rec's will be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. There is a place in the down town area, called the (Red Lion Inn.) My wife has eaten there recently and had lunch. She said it was good and reasonably priced. I understand dinner there is a little higher priced. May be a little high! From what i can remember there are no other nice places to eat in the imediate down town area. They are building up the soundering area and im sure there are othe places to eat within a short drive. Hope this helps. Good luck and ther weather is good . Earle from CT.

    1. There are many restaurants just south of Stockbridge (GB) and north (Lenox). I would try Bistro Zinc in Lenox, or Pearl's, Bizen, or Castle Street Cafe in GB.

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        Definitely agree with these suggestions. I had dinner in the main dining room at the Red Lion last year, and while it was OK, it wasn't anything special.

      2. We got back from our weekend in W. Stockbridge. Had a great time exploring the area. We went to Rouge in W. Stockbridge for our Saturday night dinner and it was terrific. We got there early and luckily avoided most of the Halloween revelers (there was a procession through town with kids and costumes and fire trucks - lots on noise). Seating was prompt, the waitstaff attentive and the food very good. The four of us shared a calamari app and the special salad. The calamari was perfect. We went on to two of the fish specials, Halibet and sea bass which were done suberb. One person had the NY cut sirloin which ( I was told) melted in you mouth. Accompanied by a very good Malbec and finished with a Galette with gelato and some other dessert, we went away satisfied. All in all, very good. What I like about French cooking is that they (when they are good) can do simple and ordinary things - and make them extra ordinary. Not as easy as it might sound. We enjoyed it and thought I found the price a little steep it was worth it. It was harder to find a bar with a tv to watch the Sox win game three, but that's another story. THE SOXS ARE THE CHAMPS AGAIN. BRAVO!!!!