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Oct 23, 2007 06:52 PM

Warning: don't try Prince Street Cafe

We have a few favorite places for Saturday brunch near the NoLita area, inclduing all-time, Cafe Gitane. One day my husband decided to be spontaneous and break away from our ritual as I wasn't able to join him that morning-- he tried the new place, Prince Street Cafe. What a horrible experience!! ..I mean it. I wouldn't be starting this string if I wasn't so incredibly disappointed! My husband wanted an omlete with spinach and cheese. Because the menu said you can get 3 items in the omlete, my husband asked the waitress what the options were. the waitress said he could get "anything" including, "any cheese" So my husband asked for spinach and swiss. she said they have no spinach and no swiss. she then said they have some other cheese and ham. my husband said fine, he will take ham and cheese and a coissant. the omlete was oliy and runny and the coissant was doughy, like something you get from those huge packs from BJ's. To top it off, they charged $7 for the omlete, $2 for ham and $1.50 for the cheese! My husband asked why the separate charge as the menu clearly says the price of the omlete with 3 items is $7. she said it's extra if you want anything in the omlete. Who ever heard of charging for an "omlete" and separately for what goes in it?? outrageous! can't even say that at least the food was good as it was horrible at best. so, basically a waste of time, money and you miss the chance to have a good brunch somewhere else.

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  1. Sorry about your husband's experience. But their menu is pretty clear, even if the waitress wasn't. The omelet you describe costs $10.50. The plain omelet costs $7. With potatoes and toast, it's not really that outrageous.

    1. Is this the cursed space that used to be Bistrot Margot?

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        Yes. It also recently housed the execrable Panino Sportivo, whose foul sandwiches were the culinary equivalent of catching yourself while zipping up.

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            Uh huh. They served the beans on top of the frank, though, which I thought was ridiculous.

      2. The original comment has been removed