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Oct 23, 2007 06:46 PM

Mill's Tavern Providence

I've been to and enjoyed Mill's Tavern a few years ago.. Was thinking about going again sometime soon and was wondering if it was still as good as it used to be. Anyone been lately? Any other recommendations to a similar style restaurant?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hey Fox,

    We went about a year ago and had an awful experiance. The food took forever (after they "lost" our reservation). And then they misplaced our leftovers. Our whole section was in near revolt due to the service. The food was ok but not great. Personally I prefer Ten, Gracies or Cav. In talking to others it appears that the service has been real hit or miss at Mill's lately.

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      Thanks jmac.. I ended up making a reservatoin at Gracies for the 17th...

    2. Ate there last night and was not impressed. The service was overly attentive (did we need to be asked for our appreciation of every course, and by the maitre d' as well as the server?), and the entrees were not good. Buttermilk chicken was boiled to flavorless mush, and rare duck breast wellington was loaded with fat and wrapped in sodden pastry that tasted like chicken pot pie. The chowder was good, and the desert we shared (brownie with espresso ice cream and cold caramelized banana halves) was passable. The restaurant was nice enough to call us and pay for a cab in the rain, but i wouldn't go back.

      1. We went there recently and we felt it really went downhill. Each course took forever. I had risotto and it was bland and boring. The had a special Mexican hot chocolate for dessert on the menu, it came luke warm and uneventful. It is too bad because that used to be a very good restaurant. Does Jaime Oliviera still own it?

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        1. re: Alica

          I haven't been recently so I can't comment, but I will say that I too had the "Mexican hot chocolate" there a few years ago, I believe, and it was not a strength... Apparently it isn't more desirable now...

          - Garris