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Oct 23, 2007 06:21 PM

Anyone heard of this new Balto Restaurant?

Just came from a community meeting where someone announced the opening of a new, white tablecloth, valet parking restaurant in Waverly. Darker Than Blue located at 3034 Greenmount Ave in North Baltimore.
Back in the day, I would even consider visiting that neighborhood at night, but it's changing. Anyone been to this new place? The announcer at this meeting also mentioned something about jazz music there.

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  1. Is this a joke? a "white table cloth" restaurant in the 3000 block of GREENMOUNT? I'm seriously not trying to be funny or jerk here. I went to Hopkins and am very familiar with that neighborhood- has it changed that much since I graduated 4 years ago?!!

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      They've really been trying to change it, but this would still be pretty surprising. That said, it IS right by the year-round Farmer's Market, which draws precisely the kind of crowd that might be into this sort of thing....

      At the very least, a quick Google search shows that the Culinary Institute of America is holding a reception there next Monday, which probably indicates something.

      1. re: matt8313

        It's a serious place with a CIA-trained chef who has been working for Sodexho and wanted a place of his own. Menu is southern comfort, place is cute. I haven't eaten there yet, just visited when they handed out flyers at the Farmers Market. It's where the community health center is, a block down from Pete's.

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          Hey- it wasn't my imagination that someone already mentioned the coconut batter fried shrimp with mango chutney ($10.75). The portion was enormous 4 or 5 jumbo shrimp- tasty sauce with a little side salad. Big order of ribs with a little too much sauce- maybe I'll say sauce on the side or light on the sauce next time. While I'm not much for sweet the sweet potato butter served with the cornbread at the start was not overly sweet. The peach mango sweetened ice tea was good. Macaroni and cheese which I asked for with the ribs instead of the mash was flavorfull and great. Spinach was not overcooked. Staff was very pleasant and welcoming and Chef sodexho spent a little time at our table. Very personable guy who said he had experience from a restaurant called Southern Comfort somewhere in New York and especially likes Low Country cuisine. Jazz background music was pleasant and it was still possible to hold a conversation. Since I live nearby I must say I'm somewhat skeptical about how much the neighborhood has or has not improved. I notice St. John's Church has a handsome six foot fence surrounding the lot which looks new within the past few years. Was that the pastor at a table behind me? I don't know but the Chef knew him by name and he was wearing his collar backwards.

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