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Cream cheese frosting (not refrigerated)?

I'm trying to figure out a way to bake & ship a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting cross-country to my daughter for her birthday. I was thinking of baking the cake in a 9 x 13" pan and securely cover it. I'd make a batch of cream cheese frosting (minus a couple of spoonfuls for tasting, of course!) and packing it in a separate container along with some candles for her to do a DIY birthday cake!! If it were to be shipped 2nd day (she lives in a remote area where overnight shipping would cost almost $100!), would the frosting be safe to eat??

Any other ideas or suggestions?

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  1. I would think probably not, as you do not know the conditions under which the icing will be stored while shipping. Have you thought about packing in dry ice?

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      This may by a sacrilage, but I think the homemade cake is the most important aspect of the Birthday cake Idea.... so howsabout sending along a "can' of Pillsbury or Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting. Its not homemade, but being hermedically sealed in a can, it wil ship no problem. Just a thought !

    2. I second trying the dry ice but I'm sure it won't last especially since you don't know if the places they transport them are air conditioned. I think the second best think would be to write out exact instructions for the frosting and include things like the powdered sugar and vanilla extract.

      1. no helpful advice, but just wanted to say that you are a fantastic mom! frosted or not, she will be receiving love of the first order.

        1. I know what you mean about the cream-cheese frosting being a must. It's a must in my house. I grew up with food being left out on the counter for a couple of days, and the usual cream-cheese frosting contains enough sugar that it does not quickly spoil, so in cooler weather such as we have now (in the mid-Atlantic where I live), I would package the tub of frosting in lots of frozen gel packs inside a styrofoam container. If your daughter's an adult and you have told her to examine the frosting, she should be able to tell whether the frosting has gone off.

          My second choice would be to enclose the recipe for the frosting along with non-perishable ingredients like the powdered sugar and vanilla.

          1. Location(s) mean everything here, as in where are you shipping FROM and TO?

            Packaged Cream cheese often spends a night (or two) on my coolish kitchen counter to soften for various preps.

            It's my understanding that second-day shipping (distance is the factor) is done by air, in unheated cargo bays. I'd not hesitate to pack cake and a mixed frosting container in a styrofoam cooler and ship away.

            1. If you have any near you, Trader Joe's sells a really good jarred chocolate frosting-it's like a ganache- definitely a step above your grocery store options. Williams Sonoma is likely to have something similar (or even other flavors) now that they carry boxed cake mixes. Don't know if you're flexible about the type of cake, but this might solve your problem about frosting spoilage, and you'd still have a wonderful surprise for your daughter.

              1. Is there a local bakery near her that you could call and ask to deliver a batch of cream cheese frosting, and you ship your cake separately?

                1. Thanks to all for the wonderful comments & suggestions! I ended up making the frosting and putting into a Ball canning jar. Boxed everything up very securely, along with candles, matches, party hats & napkins. Shipped it Wednesday priority mail; $12.65 vs. the $92 for next day. It still hasn't made it from Chicago to Montana. I'm hoping that it's spending a lot of time in cold areas of the truck, plane, storage areas. She also loves to cook, so she should be able to tell if it's safe.

                  And whoever wrote about Trader Joe's chocolate frosting, I couldn't agree with you more! I could eat their frosting straight out of the jar - it's rich & creamy, not too sweet!

                  That was a great idea on having a local bakery send a batch of cream cheese frosting. I'll keep that in mind for the next birthday or special occasion!

                  I'll post once she gets the cake and let you know how the frosting fared.... she's such a unique daughter and is so appreciate of everything, I know this will make her day one of the very special birthdays, even if she is thousands of miles away!

                  Again, thanks so much!

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                    So, the birthday cake arrived today and thanks to the USPS, a few days late!! She said the cake had shrunk in the pan.... about 3/4 around the diameter?? Can't figure out why that would happen, unless the altitude had something to do with it? Also said the cream cheese frosting looked good and tasted fine, but we decided she should probably not use it. Will have to think of a better plan next time!

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                      Sorry I was too late, here is what I would have done:

                      Make the cake, frost it, freeze it solid in a tuperware cake carrier. When frozen, wrap well in Saran and again in Tinfoil. Place in box, pad w packing material, then w/ gel ice packs. It will take a while to thaw, and even then, I see no problem w/ food safety for leaving cream cheese icing at room temp. I always leave butter and cream cheese frostings at room temp.

                      BTW, You mentioned shipping two-day. Lots of people aren't aware that USPS doesn't guarantee their priority service...it's EXPECTED to get there in 2-3 days but might not. I'm still not over an in-law sending expensive Bears tickets to us in SC via priority mail 2 days before we flew to Chicago for the game. I don't think I need to tell you what happened.