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Oct 23, 2007 05:19 PM

Singapore Food [Moved from International board]

What is good in Singapore? Need help!

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  1. You have to be more specific. What type of food are you looking? Singapore local food? Then do you prefer hawker food, seafood, peranakan food? Or do you want international selection: fine dining, Chinese, Japanese etc? What is your budget? Are you willing to splurge? Are you adventurous? What is your taste bud like?

    1. Do not leave Singapore without some Chile Crabs. There is one place (name escapes jfood) right on the water and beach where you sit outside overlooking whatever body of water that is. And make sure you are comfortable eating the crabs with your hands and have LOTS of napkins. Huge vat of crabs and lots of fun.


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        I think you mean Chilli Crab. Most seafood restaurants here are by the sea or the river. The ones I like are Palm Beach at One Fullerton, Little Red House at Seafood centre and Jumbo at Clark Quay. The first two are by the sea and the last one by the river. If you are willing to pay more, then order the crab from Sri Lanka, which taste better and has more meat than the crab from Malaysia.

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          Jumbo's was the place for Chilli Crab