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Oct 23, 2007 05:16 PM

Suckling Pig for Roast


Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can get a suckling pig(-let) to roast myself for christmas dinner?

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    1. Some other recs,

      also Black Sheep Farm, Carniceria Contreras, Bud's Custom Meats, all in Sonoma County.

      Bud's Custom Meats
      7750 Petaluma Hill Rd, Penngrove, CA

      Carniceria Contreras
      1401 Todd Rd, Santa Rosa, CA

      1. Enzo's Meat & Poultry in Oakland was able to special order (2-day notice) a 16lb piglet for me for $150. I ordered it today and it will be ready for pick-up on Friday the 21st. I am so relieved not to have to drive out to Santa Rosa. Ask for Jessie or Gino.

        Enzo's Meat & Poultry
        5655 College Ave
        Oakland, CA 94618-1583
        Phone: (510) 547-5839

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