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Savannah--what not to miss?

Hi there: I'm returning to Savannah after 5 years and would greatly appreciate your recommendations for non-chain "chowish" spots for both meals and nightlife. I am driving in Friday and am free until Sunday, so any great restaurant/bar suggestions would be welcomed with open arms. I've never been to Lady & Sons, but after reading other reviews on the site am a bit skitish...anything that you like better?

Thanks in advance for your help--I really appreciate it!

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  1. I love the Crab Shack on Tybee Island. Casual, tasty low country boil. Watch out for the cats if you sit outside!

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      Crab Shack is terrible! Worst meal my husband I ever experienced. You sit at these giant tables shaped around huge garbage pails. Who wants to eat around the stench of rotting fish? Besides, little portions, waaay overpriced.

    2. I would give the Lady and Sons a big miss - it's mediocre these days and the wait is annoying. Sadly, even though I've been a big proponent of Vic's I had an incredibly disappointing meal there last Saturday (although to be fair, the manager comped half of my entree). Some foodie friends of mine went for lunch yesterday and said that the meal was so bad that they each has two bites and didn't eat the rest.

      I ordered duck on Saturday and while the duck was beautifully cooked, the sides were raw. Sweet potatoes that I couldn't even stick a fork in and haricots verts that were not even blanched - just raw (I like raw beans, but not as a side to duck!)

      I wasn't too thrilled with the server either, so all in all, it was a disappointing experience!

      1. I actually quite liked The Lady & Sons. I only eat but I still snuck in some pork with my collard greens they were so good. The Pirates House was missable as it was more novelty than fair dining.

        Of course a stroll down the River Walk, snacking on pralines and other munchables is never a bad idea.

        1. I loved the Lady and Sons. Not being a big buffet person I still went with it and was not dissapointed. You have to go early in the day and get your reservation and then go back at the appointed time. There is defiantely plenty to do in between! I also loved The Crab Shack. Also on Tybee Island is the Breakfast Club which has such amazing (you guessed it) breakfasts that you can go all the way to dinner without another munch!!!

          1. Oh yeah we also loved Uncle Bubba's (Paula Dean's brother). I can't remember what my main dish was but I sure remember the char-grilled oysters!

            1. We stumbled upon Cha Bella and had an excellent meal there. Had a couple of good breakfasts at B. Matthew's. Many of the restaurants in Savannah are tourist traps really, especially the ones claiming to be fine dining.

              Lady & Sons can be hit or miss. We've done the buffet at lunch and left satisfied. Just don't order off the menu, the buffet food is far better (and I'm not a buffet guy). Make sure to go early though. Put your name on the list and hit some nearby stores or galleries while you wait.

              Commenting on some of the other recommendations, I've heard not-so-good things about Uncle Bubba's recently and good things about the Breakfast Club over on Tybee.

              If you're an art fan, the Shop SCAD store makes for fun browsing. SCAD also has a couple of student galleries that are open to the public. I usually just take an afternoon walking around and hitting all the local galleries.

              If you're looking to take a walking tour, I recommend Bobby Davis (exploresavannah@gmail.com). Given the time of year, you might want to take his ghost tour, too. He's less schlocky and more history-driven. It was very entertaining.


              1. Go to Stingray's on Tybee. The fried Grouper plate is great. AJ's is very good but kind of pricey,but the view is fantastic. North Beach Grill is the place for a very casual lunch or dinner. The crabcakes and jerk chicken are great. My favorite is the fried Plantains and Salsa. The Breakfast Club is great but you have to get there very early or you will have to stand in line. The Crab Shack is the "most popular" you get lots of food. All of it is steamed. I like the steamed oysters and the low counry boil. It is a mostly outdoor restaurant so bring the bugspray. Cafe Loco has very good wings. Dewy's Fishouse is also very good. The Outback Cafe is the "local" place to eat. It is very good.The Bamboo Room has opened on Tybee. I have not been there yet, but I have heard good things about it. Georges is the most upscale, pricey and the best on the island. BTW I was not impressed with Lady & Son's, too much salt. I went to Uncle Bubba's and my fish was very cold. I asked them to warm it or something and they nuked it till it was inedible. I was not impressed one bit. There is always a line there mainly from tour busses. One time vistors.

                1. Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I had a wonderful meal of fried chicken livers and dynamite shrimp & grits at Bistro Savannah and finished up my trip with a great meal at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding house. Looking forward to travelling to Tybee in the future.

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                    I'm thinking of trying Mrs Wilkes' while stopping in Savannah during a road trip next week (probably Dec 26th). Am I right in assuming that it's a fairly popular place with very limited seating? What time do I need to get there to make sure I get a seat?

                  2. We've had a couple of very nice dinners at Bistro Savannah. The food and service were wonderful!