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Oct 23, 2007 05:08 PM

Oakland - 11th and Broadway?

I will be going to Oakland in a couple weeks for a painful, 8 hour day of standardized tests at a site near 11th and Broadway. Since that area is a black box to me, wondering if anyone can recommend some tasty, quick (i.e. take-out is best) and easy food options in the near area? I think I get a 45 minute break to eat.

I had hoped that I would find a taco cart from rworange's amazing map in the area, but no such luck. Ethnic is best (mexican, vietnamese, indian...), cheap is appreciated but not necessary. Many thanks.

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  1. Taking the bar exam, eh?

    Chinatown is 3 short blocks away. Le Cheval (Vietnamese) and Breads of India are a block away. There's a brew pub half a block away - Pacific Coast Brewry, along with Ratto's and Caffe 817.

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      no... not the bar exam (yikes....). One of the medical subspeciality boards.

      I hadn't realized I will be so close to Chinatown - thanks for the valuable info. After a quick search, Cam Huong for banh mi is looking like a great start. Anyplace where I can get a good pork bun/bao to go?

      1. re: violin

        I think BC Deli's banh mi are much better than Cam Huong's - also, the lines are shorter, which can be critical when you're short on time. Then you can stop by Napolean Super Bakery next door to pick up a dan tat, or steamed chiffon cake.

        Are you looking for steamed or baked pork buns? For steamed, I'd go to Shan Dong. For baked, Delicious Food Company. DFC also has pretty good takeout dim sum.

        I'm having a hard time with the places link, but BC Deli and Napolean Super Bakery are both on Franklin between 8th and 9th, Delicious Food Company is on 8th and Webster, and Shan Dong is on 10th at Webster.

        1. re: daveena


          B C Deli Sandwiches
          818 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94607

          Delicious Foods
          734 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94607

          Shan Dong Mandarin Restaurant
          328 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607

          Napoleon Super Bakery
          810 Franklin St, Oakland, CA

          Pacific Coast Brewing Co
          906 Washington St, Oakland, CA 94607

          Ratto's International Market
          821 Washington St, Oakland, CA 94607

          Cafe 817
          817 Washington St, Oakland, CA 94607

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Good info, MW.

            Cafe 817 has really good take-out sandwiches (prepared in advance). They're a bit pricy (about $5 last time I looked) but they come with a salad and great olives. I especially like the roast beef with arugula and cornichons and French mustard. They also have really good soups and it's pleasant to sit outside at their sidewalk tables.

            My husband swears by Cam Huong's bahn mi. I'll have to alert him to the BC Deli.

          2. re: daveena

            Be clear that the steamed pork bun at Shan Dong is NOT filled with BBQ pork. It is filled with a mixture of ground pork and vegies. Much more like the fillings you find in boiled dumplings. Very tasty and HUGE. Easily twice the size of other pork buns. A great way to spend 95 cents. Get two and you will need nothing more.

            1. re: lexdevil

              Oh yeah, thanks... I've never liked char siu bao all that much, so my mind went automatically to the ground pork and veggie style.

              1. re: daveena

                I prefer this style as well. The other is just too sweet for me in most cases.

              2. re: lexdevil

                Also note that, their web page and menu and storefront notwithstanding, they are *not* open on Mondays.

            2. re: violin

              My apologies for inferring there was lawyering to happen...

              For bao, on Franklin (one blk east of Broadway) between 9th and 7th there's a row small shops/delis/bakeries. I don't know the name of the place I go to...I just know it's on the east side of Franklin between 9th and 8th.

              If you're looking for a really solid, dependable Chinese place, try New Gold Medal on 8th (off Franklin).

          3. Ichiro is a fabulous sushi place on 412 15th. $8.95 for a sushi combo that includes miso soup that you can't finish.

            One of the best sushi places in the Bay area IMO.

            1. There's a Top Dog in City Center. If you can sit down for jook, go to Gum Kuo. Otherwise, I'd second the the takeout dim sum from Delicious Foods Co.

              1. there's also vietnamese food (pho, bun, etc) on 10th St. between Webster and Harrison. also, a place on the corner of 10th and Harrison.

                Pho Hoa Lao
                333 10th St, Oakland, CA 94607

                1. I am doing jury duty for the next few days and am making a list of places to try. Today was Bin Min Quan on 12th and Webster. The lotus salad and a broken rice plate were perfect lunch! Tomorrow it is either Lady's Place (cajun/cal) on telegraph or Tamarindo. Batambang was packed today as was Levende. B has good burgers. If I get picked for the jury I will get to try them all!!