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Oct 23, 2007 04:56 PM

New York City Trip Restaurant List: other recommendations?


I am going to NY in a few weeks and I would like to know what you think of my restaurants:


Oscar's American Brasserie at the Waldorf-Astoria
Astor Court at the St. Regis


BLT Burger
Sylvia's of Harlem


Peter Luger

Other questions:

My father wants to have breakfast at the Waldorf-Astoria, are there any other restaurants that you would recommend over Oscars?

Would you recommend Harry Ciprianis, 21 Club or the restaurants in the Algonquin?

I am having trouble deciding what I want for dinner on the second day? Any recommendations, my parents don't like haute cuisine.


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  1. My husband's family love Ciprianis when they come to visit - my husband's comment was that the food was very good, but just incredibly expensive. Can't help with the breakfast question, I'm afraid, and haven't been to 21 Club for ages. What about the Four Seasons for your other dinner? There was a recent thread about it - will try to dig it up.

    Edit - another place that they might enjoy is The Post House, in the Lowell Hotel - my husband went on Friday night for a business dinner and spoke very highly of the food, and said that from now on, if he "has to" go to a steak house, this is where he'll go, because it's not as "macho" as a lot of other places, and the service was very good. This was one of the rare times I didn't go with him, and of course both Robert Redford and George Clooney were there!

    Here's a long thread that might be useful to you:

    1. Try the Gotham Bar and Grill for dinner.

      1. I would skip BLT Burger for lunch, as it's not good enough to be a destination. If you're looking for great hamburgers there are lots of postings and suggestions on Chowhound that will steer you right.

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          I agree that you should nix BLT Burger. There are much better burger places if that's what you are looking for. Also, while I love Grimaldi's, if you want to go to Brooklyn for Pizza, you might as well make the trip to Di Fara's.

        2. I stayed at the Waldorf and had breakfast at Oscars. Unless you are planning on brunch (which I did not experience) it was absolutely no different (or even better) than any hotel cafe style restaurant.

          Very average and definitely NOT worth going out of you way for!

          1. I agree with going to Brooklyn for pizza. Di Far's is incredible, but pretty far out.
            If however, you want to stay in Manhattan, John's on Bleeker Street is good. May be a wait depending on when you go though. BLT Burger is not going to do you any good. Peter Luger's has a great burger served weekday lunch only. And as far as soul food, Sylvia's is good, albeit overly touristy. But I think Amy Ruth's is an even better option.