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Oct 23, 2007 04:47 PM

Which hotel has best food?/Thanksgiving breakfast needed

We are arriving early on Thanksgiving Day, will need breakfast, so a hotel with good food would work-- or someplace open on Thanksgiving?? Thanks!

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  1. You might want to check Open Table to see what is open for breakfast on Thanksgiving Day. Just put in your search criteria (time and no. of people) and the names will pop up. As far as hotels with good food, in my experience Ritz Carltons are reliably good. I assume that this question does not refer to the Dining Room at the Ritz!

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      Postrio, W. Puck's place in the Prescott Hotel used to have a really nice breakfast...but it has been at least 5 years since I breakfasted there.

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        Great suggestion, thanks. I found out that Postrio, Cafe Andree, Mama's, & Dottie's will not be open Thanksgiving morning. Top of the Mark has a full-on buffet--not needed on Thanksgiving!

        For breakfast, that leaves Campton Place, The Terrace at the Ritz Carlton, or the Garden Court at the Palace where we have decided to stay. Can't get through to a real person at Tartine Bakery yet to find out whether they are open that day.

      2. Brunch at the Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins hotel is always good.

        1. How early? Are you just asking about hotels because they are most likely to be open and have breakfast available?

          I haven't been there for breakfast but I hear Cafe Andree in the Rex Hotel has a good breakfast. It's been ages but at one time Campton Place had an excellent breakfast.

          The usual breakfast suggestions are Mama's in North Beach and Dotties near Union Square but don't know if they will be open Thanksgiving

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            I ask because we are taking the new megabus from LA to San Francisco overnight leaving late the 21st and arriving around 6am--and need to have a hotel for one night, Thanksgiving night. We are having Thanksgiving dinner with friends who have a small apartment, so we need to have a hotel for the night. I thought if we could find a hotel with good food (we'll need breakfast the following day as well) we might bring our luggage & have breakfast where we plan to stay. Last time we stayed at the Palace. That would be ok but am open to new places. Pool would be nice. (Hotel Nikko?)

            The following two nights we join our friends in Jenner & want to treat them to a nice meal, have posted separately about that.

            Thanks for all of your kind advice.

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              If you stay at the Nikko, then Dottie's if it is open Thanksgiving would be nearby. I'm not a fan of the SF Nikko. I find it kind of sterile and the staff ... ick. I had someone make a snotty comment about not giving him a tip when someone I was with got sick and I was trying to get them in a cab and focused on them. I'd rather stay at the St Francisc or Campton Place. The Rex with Cafe Andree in it is supposed to be a nice hotel. Don't know the pool situation in any of these. If you chose the Vitale, I'd request a room facing the bay.

              There the new Hotel Vitalle which is across the street from the Ferry Building. The Americano restaurant has breakfast though I haven't tried it. It got trashed recently for dinner, but breakfast might be something else. You could take the street car to Townsend for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving or pick something up at one of the Ferry Building restaurants like Boulette's Larder.

              Not on a grand scale and definately no pool, but in North Beach is a small charming hotel called the Washington Square Inn. Right across the street is Mama's. But again, I'd call Mama's to see if they open on Thanksgiving. They don't open till 8am and even on non holiday days getting breakfast at 6am in SF is a challenge. There are a number of coffee shops in North Beach that open early. IIRC, Cafe Greco is one of the places that opens early.

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                I totally agree with TownsEnd.. I used to live in the apts there and we would go all the time.. their eggs bennie are great and all their bake goods are wonderful.. a littlefurther down from TownsEnd is a little cafe owned by an italian guy and a french guy.. it's called SouthBeach Cafe.. excellent and chow worthy.. I highly recommend

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                  Checking these suggestions out as well. Thank you--we love your city--let me know if you come to LA, I will reciprocate.

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                    Best way to reciprocate is to do a follow up report and tell us what you ate and how it was ... good or bad ... keeps the info fresh. Have a nice trip.

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                  Thank you so much! Thought I had replied but it didn't appear (computer issues) Will skip Nikko & follow up on all these suggestions. Thanks again!

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                    Here is the plan so far:

                    Staying at the Palace (indoor pool plus good rate).

                    Breakfast on Thanksgiving could be the Garden Court at the Palace, Campton Place, the Terrace at the Ritz Carlton, or Tartine Bakery if they are open--(doubt it). Or any other small, good place which turns out to be open that day.

                    Breakfast the day after will probably be TownsEnd (thanks rworange & Lightsuprooms). Still could be Dottie's or Tartine Bakery.

                    For the special meal in Jenner we will be going to RiversEnd.

                    And we hope to have a stop at the Ferry Building before our trip back, for bread from Acme, etc. Acme said they will be open Thanksgiving a.m. if anyone needs last minute bread that day.

                    Thanks all, we'll let you know the results.

              2. Rundown of results. Thanks to all who contributed.

                Breakfast was at Campton Place--the restaurant at the Palace was gearing up for the Thanksgiving meal & we didn't feel like having breakfast in the bar. Campton Place was nice but pricey. The highlights were the organic pear juice--excellent--& the lentil dish with perfect poached eggs & grilled veggies. The guys had granola, eggs and accompanying toast, etc. It was all nicely done & welcome after the all night trip.

                For lunch the day after Thanksgiving, TownsEnd was a huge hit. I had the burger & declared it one of my favorite burgers ever. Our son had the omelette with sausage & vegs. My husband had the French toast sampler. This place is a new favorite.

                For the special Jenner meal we had dinner in Occidental at Bistro des Copains. The roasted beet & walnut salad was quite fresh and tasty. Though we all laughed when my husband ordered pizza margherita AND mac n' cheese, everyone wanted to try them. I would order either of those again. Two ordered the hanger steaks--I had a little try: very tender and delicious. The pan seared sole was well received, served with lemon caper butter sauce & haricots verts. Only my pumpkin ravioli was a bit disappointing, with the pumpkin pie spices a bit too prominent--I prefer a more savory pumpkin ravioli. Overall, this place is a great find; we would definitely enjoy a repeat visit. We had some lovely wines and desserts as well, but I can't recall the specifics.

                A final visit to Hog Island Oyster Co. in the Ferry Building reinforced our previous good review. The chowder is excellent, the baked oysters with truffles are a special treat. There are interesting wines by the glass, & it's fun to sit outside by the water.

                Campton Place Hotel
                340 Stockton St.
                415 781-5555