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New Italian Resto in Carson City

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Well, at least as close to a real Italian resto as we have here...
I think this place still has a few kinks to work out. The food is pretty nice. I had the roasted pork chop($18.00), very tender, the sauce was a bit too tart for my taste. Standard garlic mashed, but the saute spinich was left in the steamer too long and was that olive green color not the bright green it should be. This could be fixed by not cooking the spinich till it is needed. The ceasar salad that it came with seemed like the dressing had a mayonaise base...not a good thing. My wife had the chicken cannolli ($14.00) which she said was good but not the best. They also offer pizza here, but we didn't try it, although it look OK.
The service was really bad as the staff seemed untrained and really to young to be working a place like this. ie. the many of the servers had to get an older staff member to serve the liquor as they were not 21 yet. l I notice thay only had the young good looking servers in the place and all the older and not so good looking were working the buffet. I guess the better tips go the the better looking and maybe not the most competant servers.
The decor did not seem to match the less formal experiance they were trying to provide in the place. In other words, the place looked very nice and formal and romantic but the dress of the staff looked like TGI Friday's or Applebees's. They were of that age range too. The jerseys of the servers looked like rugby jerseys with broad red and white horizontal strips, I guess to look like the gondola pushers in Italy. All of this just seemed like a contrast in the atomosphere of what Ti Amo is trying to achieve.
So, if you just go for the food and dont' pay too much attention to the dining room or servers dress, then I guess the place is passable. We really don't have anything comparable to this place in Carson City. Reno, that would be a different story. The price seemed reasonable for what you got, food and service....not a great deal but not really a rip either. I say try it at least once and you decide. I would go back and try some other things on the menu. I know all you Reno chows might not come to Carson just to eat, but just in case you were in the neighborhood....and they do open for lunch!

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  1. Nice report. Thanks. Where's it at?

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      Ahh, forgot the most important part...Name: Ti Amo Italian Grill. It is located inside the Casino Fandango in the front area. Friday and Sat. evenings there might be a wait for a table ...maybe 15-20min.

    2. I always thought B'Sghetti's was good for what it is, and Girabaldi's to be exceptional. Have you found neither of these to meet your standards?

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        B'Sghetti's is just that, ok for what it is. Its a little too kid friendly at times, the scheeaching and all. I actually know the owner there, and like you say, fine for what it is, just not my fav. Girabaldi's is ok, but the chef seems to drift sometimes on his dishes, being kinda fusion with Ital - Asian thing going on. This place is ok, if you are looking for that experience. Some of the servers on the other hand, could use some training in people skills. The staff may have changed at this point. Nothing really against this place either, just not my first choice. If I were to pick my faves in Carson it would be The Basil (Thai), Z Bistro (sort of French), and Washoe Flats Steakhouse (the old Cattlemans but better). Italian I would go to Reno, Luciano's.