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Oct 23, 2007 02:49 PM

Olive oil tastings in St. Louis?

Are there any?

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  1. there's a new store right by Araka in Clayton that specializes in olive oil, so I'd have to assume they probably do.

      1. re: DetectDave

        Cool beans! I'll have to hit both! Thanks!

      2. Veritas Gateway To Food And Wine did an olive oil tasting earlier this month.

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        1. re: Doug

          The shop next to Araka is called Extra Virgin- and they have many many varieties of olive oil from all over the world. There is a great tasting bar for the oils as well as an olive bar and there are always tastes set up around the store. I definitely recommend this place! terrific flatbreads and other items as well!

          1. re: EmilyCorson

            Thank you both Dave and Emily!

            I just came back from there, and it's a great find. 24 oils out for tasting plus about a dozen more infused oils behind them. Both workers (one of whom is the owner) were knowledgable and patient. I have so much to learn....

            They also have a small olive bar and balsamic vinegers.

            There is construction right in front, but as I found out after I got there the free valet parkling that looks like its just for Araka is for all of the businesses.

            The oils are set up so you can progress from lighter to more intense; they are all, however, extra virgin. I'll definitely go back; I was getting palate/memory confusion after about a half dozen or so tastes.

            If you like EVOO, this is a good place to go!

            1. re: Richard 16

              Thanks for the review. Did they have balsamic tasting too by chance?

              1. re: DetectDave

                The vinegars and the olives can be tasted.; at least I was offered the vinegars (I tried two) and the olives are out with toothpicks and a pit container. (Tried four).