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Oct 23, 2007 02:45 PM

Most unique ethnic restaurant?

I am looking for the NYC outer boroughs ethnic restaurant that says "I am so unique that you'd have to really look hard to find anything like me elsewhere in the country! In fact it might be possible to find another like me." Any ideas?Thanks.

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  1. Uh... so many.... SOOO many.... There are Uighur places in Queens. You can't get more specific than that. The Szechuan stalls inside Flushing Mall? There are A LOT and it's quite subjective.

    1. there is the japanese/nepalese place in sunnyside which sounds pretty damn unique to me; haven't eaten there though although sietsema found it interesting.

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        Do you know the name of the Japanese/Nepalese place?

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          Its not that unique. There are two Japanese/Nepalese places about a block away from each other in Sunnyside. One is called Yamakazi, the other Yeti of Hiezan. There is a place in Brighton Beach that claims to be the only Moldavian restaurant in NY. I don't know if thats true or not.

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            Moldovan food is virtually the same as Romanian food and there are a decent number of Romanian places. Plus, you tend to find random Moldovans working at Romanian places.

        2. A Fan Ti, in Flushing, fits the bill. They specialize in organ meats, such as eye balls and testicles, but the lamb dishes have been praised as well. Sietsema, in the recent Village Voice "Best Of" edition, said that this would be an appropriate place for Batman to have his last meal. In his original review, he described a repeat visit he made with New Orleans' own Dr. John. Hey, if it's good enough for the Night Tripper and the Caped Crusader, well....

          Previous post:

          A Fan Ti
          13680 41st Ave, Queens, NY 11355

          1. What about the Garifuna restaurant in the Bronx someone posted about recently?

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                Unfortunately the tail end of that thread says the place closed earlier this month.

            1. I just thought someone should point out that "most unique" is grammatically nonsensical. Something is either unique (meaning "one of a kind") or not unique. There's no such thing as "more unique," "less unique," "sort of unique" or "pretty damn unique." What you really mean is "most distinctive," "most exotic" or "most unusual."

              That said, Uighur and Japanese/Nepalese and organ-meat and Garifuna restaurants sound pretty damn unusual, if not actually unique, to my ears.

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                I would suggest Kabab Cafe in Astoria on Steinway and 25th street. He too has lots of Offal, "mountain oysters" ans such. They chef, Ali is a real treat too and it is like eating in his home. I highly recomment the lamb cheeks and tongue, melts in your mouth.

                oh yeah, it is Egyptian food.

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                  Expect random and excessive prices to magically appear before your eyes though!