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Oct 23, 2007 02:31 PM

Orlando Steak Recap- Vitos Chophouse & Ruth's Chris


Just came back from a golf weekend in the Grande Lakes area. Wanted to try some local fare so went to Vitos on Friday. We were very dissapointed.

1) For a serious steakhouse as the like to think they are (with the display of meats to show it) their meat quality was lacking. All of the cuts, except for the Ribeye, were choice.

2) Service was poor, server was a robot with no sense of humor and zero personality. Didn't really "get it" either.

Porterhouse was average, as was the caesar salad and shrimp remolade. Martini was even worse. Creamed spinach was pretty good. It did not bode well that this place was empty on a Friday night. Good riddance I say. Very glad that I didn't try Charley's- their lower priced chain. I could not imagine how tasteless their beef would be!

Ruth Chris was much better. I usually don't like to frequent chains, but prefer RC over Capital Grille and Mortons, which were the other choices. They sat us in the back but were very nice moving us to the bar room shortly thereafter so we could watch the games. I have never loved the sides at RC but the steak was spot on as ordered. They still serve prime beef and cooked it properly. I couldn't care about the sizzling platter, but I enjoy the char they put on their steaks and their precision.

For a very similar meal, RC was 40% more expensive and definitely worth it.

Happy eating!


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  1. Steaks, atmosphere, service at Vito's never in same league as Ruth's Chris...however I think they have a much better wine list

    1. totally agree about Vito's - we were very disappointed & would never go back. better than ruth chris is my favorite, del frisco's(in Winter Park, suburb of Orlando), and i live part time near NYC so have been to most of the steak houses there, including Peter Luger and still prefer del frisco's. their ribeye steak is the BEST and the sauteed mushrooms & potato chips with onions are delicious.

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      1. re: meb903

        Agreed that Del Friscos was a great steak in Orlando- really quite perfect. Sadly was just too far of a haul for this trip!

        1. re: meb903

          Del Frisco's is also the best steakhouse I've ever been to -- the steak I ordered was the finest I've ever had, and all the appetizers, sides, and desserts (ORANGE CAKE!) are spot-on perfect.

        2. I went to Vito's and agreed the steak was nothing special for the price and the service was horrible!! I like Moonfish on Sandlake and Salt Island on I-drive.

          1. Been to Vito's twice (wanted to give it a second chance after a mediocre first try) and have no reason to ever go back. It's overrated in several respects. I find Charley's only minimally better and wouldn't go there on my own dime. Ruth's Chris is going to cost you more, but it's far better.

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            1. re: oneofthesedaysAlice

              You guys should try Shula's for steaks in Orlando. I had thought Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn was the best steak I’d ever had, but right here in Orlando, Shula's is great. The prices are high, but this is the best spot for steaks in Orlando...especially if you are on Disney Property. Shula's is right in the WDW Swan hotel.

              1. re: OrlandoTony

                I agree the steak was good at Shula's, but very expensive. The flying fish has an excellent strip steak. You can get some good steaks at Grand Lakes. Primo is excellent (usually a NY Strip, but now have a filet). I haven't been but the Ritz Carlton's Vineyard Grill has redone itself as a upscale steak place.

                1. re: herbert1

                  Herbert what have they done over at the Vineyard grill to change it. I went there about a year ago but didn't care for the atmosphere although the steak wasn't to bad. Has the menu changed?

                  1. re: theflytyr

                    I ate at Nomans last night (fabulous service, good food (except the ribeye steak was only mediocre a best, Primo's steak is much better). Walked downstairs to look at The Vineyard Grill and pick up a menu. They haven't made the changes that they had planned (I had been told they were going to remodel to a upscale steak house). I haven't eaten there in over a year, I've always thought the food was decent.

            2. I went to Ruth Chris for an anniversary, and everything was perfect! Everyone was just so unbelievably nice, the service impeccable, and the steak was done perfectly in the butter sauce - fantastic! The salads were great, and the loaded potatoes awesome! (The house specialty, the creamed spinach, was alright, but we were pretty much stuffed to finish it).

              Oh, did I mention their creme brulee was to die for?

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              1. re: juicyhannah

                You should really try Choo Choo Churros on Lake Underhill in Orlando. It's an Argentinian steakhouse, not American, but their steaks are out-of-control good. Everything is made in house, from the chimichurri to the empanadas to the mayonnaise. They have a platter with a sirloin, house-made sausage, blood sausage. short ribs, and sweetbreads that is probably my favorite restaurant dish ever. Plus, it's a quaint little shack with a small staff and an intimate feel - you just can't reproduce that in some big, corporate steak house. It's a must visit in Orlando.

                1. re: johnmlinn

                  I'm going to add Choo Choo Churros on my list to do! Thanks for the suggestion! I will let you know how it goes!