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Oct 23, 2007 02:23 PM

looking for authentic hungarian dobos torte in nyc

who sells a good / authentic version of this cake from my childhood?

looking to get one for a family birthday. but a bit intimidated to try to make my own. it sounds hard.

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  1. Hungarian Pastry Shop has it, but quality these days can be very hit or miss--especially for cakes.
    Maybe Cafe Sabarsky (Austrian)?

    1. Andres Hungarian Bakery in Queens or Andres Cafe in Mnhtn on 2nd Ave

      1. Dobostorte is my ultimate FAVORITE. Café Sabarsky has it on occasion. Call ahead. Andre's Café on the UES has an ok version.

        1. I moved away from the Columbia area a few years ago, but I always thought HPS' dobos torte was authentic and typical for an average-to-good pastry shop in Budapest (the bakers are Hungarian after all). Thus, it couldn't been any more authentic.. Their pogacsa is also very good. I wasn't too fond of much else.

          Sabarsky is a whole other story - that's a beautiful high end pastry place, like the best in Vienna, and only very few in Budapest. If they have dobos, I'm sure it's great and beautifully presented (and twice as much as HPS').

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            I have to say I agree about the Hungarian Pastry Shop (on 115th & 116th?) is probably the best around these days.
            It's not that hard to make at home, but it takes practice. Your first few might not be that pretty.

          2. Nita's European Bakery on Greenpoint Ave. in Sunnyside. It's Romanian, and makes all the Austro-Hungarian classics. It's inexpensive, and great.