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Oct 23, 2007 02:19 PM

Gramercy Tavern Walk-In and Dinner before B'way

Am I crazy to think I can walk into Gramercy Tavern on Friday night and get a spot for 6 people without waiting too long? Maybe if I come early? Any recommendations for similar spots that take reservations? Also, is Gramcery Tavern loud?

Second--any recommendations for a quick, reasonably priced bite before a Broadway show, again for a group of 6?

Thanks in advance--the parents and a sibling are coming to town and trying to accommodate all the variables has me in a tizzy!

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  1. Are you asking about the Tavern Room or the regular formal restaurant? If the Tavern Room, there is only 1 table for 6. I'm not sure that the formal restaurant would be good for a quick meal.

    1. For your pre-B'way show bite, it would help narrow things down if you would tell us your cuisine preferences and per person budget for food. Also, is this for pre-matinee lunch or dinner?

      1. Well, if you can't get in as a walk-in at that time, I would suggest walking right across the street to Veritas. They were completely empty at 5:45 pm last Monday night and stayed that way till we left at 7:15 except for 1 other table.
        You'll pay though!

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        1. re: idia

          I thought you were less than thrilled w/ Veritas?

          1. re: MMRuth

            I was, but it's not a terrible restaurant. It's just not my cuppa. And it's right across the street and that is the reason I recommended it. I probably wouldn't have under other circumstances.

        2. Lucia--Tavern Room.

          RGR--food preferences--anything other than Indian. It's an evening show. Per person, $10-15 entrees per person.

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          1. re: eriny

            eriny: I don't think you can have dinner at Gramercy Tavern in their dining room for $10-15 a person.
            More like $20-30.
            Same is surely true at Veritas.