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Oct 23, 2007 01:56 PM

Need sources for disgusting Halloween foods

Hi, I'm throwing a Halloween party this Saturday that will feature a range of disgusting looking (but hopefully delicious tasting) foods. Does anyone have any recommendations on places to purchase gross foods?

So far I've found scorpion lollipops, maggots, and grasshoppers at Evolution ( However, their insects all have flavorings already on them (cheese/salt&vinegar), which isn't ideal since I'll be using them in other dishes. I'd also like to find edible scorpions that are not encased in sugar--perhaps canned or roasted.

Are there any other places to buy insects? I was thinking of asking Taka if I could buy some of theirs (

Has anyone found Pok de ki or Korean roasted caterpillars/silkworms anywhere other than Queens?

Any suggestions on good butchers that might have odd meats? Brains, balls and such?

Any other suggestions on truly odd or frightening foods or drinks I could buy in NYC and prepare at home?

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  1. Halal butchers all sell lamb brain, testicles and such. When I was a kid, I wondered what would happen if I put the real deal inside those cardboard boxes purported to hold eyes (grapes), brains (spaghetti) and such. Ottomanelli's might be able to procure you the head if you don't find it at the halal butcher, although I know that Western Beef does have pig's heads (unfortunately butterflied). Pig's blood can be purchased at the butcher on Mott and Worth.

    You might try calling Asia Market to ask if they sell canned crickets, scorpions or tarantulas. It's a Thai product I've seen in Minneapolis. Otherwise try calling Tehuitzingo to ask who their distributor for crickets is. Scary eating!

    1. Last year I got my candy eyeballs at Economy candy. Nice to put out before dinner during cocktails . . .I'm a sucker for red wax lips (not too disgusting though). usually has lots of recipes for Halloween. Fingers dripping blood, etc.

      1. cooking magazines and web sites always have halloween recipes for things like spiderweb cupcakes, jello body parts, etc.

        you can probably pull up a ton of great ideas if you do a google search.