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Oct 23, 2007 01:48 PM

The Great Burger Debate

Continuing on with the much debated poll, Im now looking to find the best burger in Toronto. This time comments are welcomed and encourage. You may choose anywhere in the city, just please place your vote then any comments you have. Hopefully you will judge based on Food, Service, Atmosphere and Value. I will keep track of the votes, and we can see what chowhounders around Toronto think is the best.

Hopefully we will find the best homemade, and fresh burger, but if frozen is your thing, then please just clarify that you think or know its frozen in your comments.

Also if its a bit of an unknown or hard to find place, please place and address or intersection, so others can find.


The Great Pizza Debate-

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  1. "B" - 2210 Dundas West (Dundas at Roncesvaille)

    As far as the food goes, Ive not had anything bad, its all very tasty. The burger is great, homemade, comes with fries or salad. Very juicy cooked to order, and you can tell its good quality meat as its not masked with spices. Good service, friendly. The only downside I would say is the size of the restaurant. its small, so tough to get a seat during late mornings or lunch on the weekend. But mid-week its a great lunch spot.

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      1. I feel like I still haven't had an extraordinary burger anywhere in Toronto, but the best I've had is from House on Parliament, cooked to medium rare, and it was pretty damn good. So were the accompanying fries: I thought I'd lost my taste for french fries completely but I was able to pack back the entire serving of them quite happily.

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        1. re: vorpal

          You didn't find the incredibly high salt quotient at HoP offputting? Last time I ate there I declared it the last time. Then I went home and drank the contents of my Brita tank. Family sized.

          1. re: Googs

            Hmmm... I didn't notice an excess of salt. Maybe I was lucky on the day I visited? (I've only been once.) Then again, while I don't think I generally oversalt food myself, I do love the taste of it and adore very, very salty snacks.

            1. re: vorpal

              I really like the HoP burger, and the most recent one I had (3 weeks ago)was not excessively salty, and salt is something that I notice.

        2. Dangerous Dan's Diner - Queen & Broadview, mammoth burgers with names like Colossal Coronary Burger (your pic is taken and put up on wall of gluttony if you polish it off). Their deep fried mars bars are delicious too if you got room!

          For those wanting a regular sized burger, Dairy Freeze on St Clair and Caledonia

          But I'll agree that sometimes a McDees or Harvey's burger hits the spot too!

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          1. re: TorontoConcierge

            If you don't mind the grill, The Tulip's burger is pretty hard to beat IMO.

            1. re: dlw88

              I like Fat Phil's on Marlee. $3.99 7 oz burger.

            2. re: TorontoConcierge

              loooove dairy freeze!! fries and gravy also deserve a spot on the "chowsy woo" walk of fame.

            3. There has been some debate over this place already, but, I love the burger from Freshwood Grill in kensington market, smokey wood flavours, hand made and delicious...although, that said, get it to go, i have come to agree with some others that the service, at lunch in my experience (Citizen Greg has done well for me on weeknights) is lousy, and the back seating area reaks of the fish place next get it to go and enjoy!

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              1. re: Recyclor

                The Burger Shack on Eglinton deserves a vote. 6 oz Homeburger (even better as a home-banquet) with fries or rings (even better with both). Mmmmm

                1. re: Recyclor

                  recyclor, have you tried their other location? is the atmosphere any better? the menu looks good for a basic pub lunch but if its really dirty I wont even bother

                  1. re: hungryabbey

                    I was there last summer, better service, and a casual 'local joint' kind of vibe, I don't remember the burger very well but I imagine it was the same, if you've been to Utopia on College I'd compare the place to that...speaking of, my second place vote goes to Utopia, great burger and value...their veggie burger is even great, also homemade, and they have many mayo's and cheese options to add...

                    1. re: Recyclor

                      yep been to utopia and that was clean enough, thanks for the tip