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Oct 23, 2007 01:39 PM

SD Fire Impact

The SD fire roared through Rancho Santa Fe early this morning. Based on what I could glean from the media reports it appears Chino Farms is probably okay. Can anyone in that area confirm one way or the other. How about any other food related casualties (i.e. businesses, not people) that we know about? The last 36 hours have been about as ugly as it gets.

Since the list moderators will delete any non-food related posts, San Diego chowhounds that wish to let others know they are safe (or evacuated) please feel free to use SDChow. You will have to join the group if you are not already a member of this small elist You can sign up by sending a blank e-mail message to .

The fact of the matter is, that at this point, almost everyone in SD is affected by the fires and either knows someone who has been evacuated and/or burned out, or has been evacuated or burned out. If you want to know how your fellow CHers are doing, or simply need to talk/vent use SDChow. If you are already a subscriber to this elist, just send a message to

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  1. Does anyone know if Be Wise Ranch was affected? I know a lot of SD folks belong to their CSA and they are up in that area.

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    1. re: mimilulu

      Be Wise Ranch has an autoresponse on their e-mail:

      Due to the fires here in San Diego County, there will be no CSA Box deliveries this week. Once we are able to get into the area to assess the situation we will know more about the delivery schedule for the upcoming weeks.

      1. re: leanneabe

        Crap, crap, crap. I hate fire. I don't know where their fields are but the address of the office is within the burn area according to KPBS’s google map. Maybe the map is wrong or their fields are south?

      2. re: mimilulu

        Posted this below but:

        Sorry to be the bearer of what seems to be bad news. I feel awful for the family, watching their home burn to the ground. Terrible.

        1. re: jp42

          I am too depressed to cook. It sounds like they might have had damage at both sites! Not to mention the house. What now?

        2. re: mimilulu

          Be Wise has posted an update on the CSA at their homepage. They'll resume delivery this coming week for weekly subscribers despite losing their home and greenhouse. That's commitment.

        3. I went to the farmer's Market in Encinitas on Sunday, as we do almost every Sunday and spent much time visiting with the organic farmers we have come to know by name and appreciate. We bought some delicious organic avocados and lavender from a farming couple that are located in Fallbrook, some wonderful organic lettuce, arugala, and grapes from a farm based in Rainbow, some worm castings from a woman who breeds and raises birds in Ramona. That was at noon. Forty-five minutes later the fire started, and I am left with a sadness wondering if we will see these people and their delicious offerings again.

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          1. re: Enorah

            According to the U/T this morning 20,000+ avocado trees in the greater Fallbrook area were either charred or destroyed. Coupled with the freeze last January, the avo industry in SD has taken a real beating this year. Expect avocado prices to skyrocket and more imported avocados. I, too, hate to think about what happened to many of our local growers.

            1. re: DiningDiva

              My heart goes out to all those folks, story on Chino Farms in the UT this morning (Business section) look like they made it through it OK.

              1. re: DiningDiva

                I know the Steheleys personally. They are fine and that is all that matters. It was not all of their avocado trees.

              2. re: Enorah

                Well in good news, I got in touch with the woman who breeds birds and sells organic worm castings in Ramona. They stayed through the fire and are fine! Well, as fine as one can be without water and living through that kind of emergency that is.

              3. I'm kind of assuming that the Wednesday OB farmers market was canceled yesterday. I wonder if La Mesa will go off as usual on Friday and Hillcrest on Sunday. Anyone know what's up with the farmer's market schedule? It occurred to me that they might be the best way to find out how some of the smaller growers have fared.

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                1. re: DiningDiva

                  Hopefully in areas not too threatened the farmers markets will be open.
                  I was seriously considering buying a Buddha's hand citron plant from Ben's Subtropicals, but decided against it at the last minute - they always sell them at the vista farmers market. I hope I haven't lost my chance for good.

                  1. re: Jeters

                    Update - Just heard back from Ben's Subtropicals - they are okay and will be selling thier strange and rare fruit at the farmers market again starting this coming saturday.

                2. i wanted to let anyone who was part of tierra miguel farms (located in pauma valley) know that they also were evacuated but they are expected to update on the 29th. there were no deliveries this week.

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                  1. re: fudisgud

                    looks like tierra miguel is back running (in masks and goggles but running) deliveries resume next week. here's the update:


                  2. Any other news on any of the farms located in Ramona, Rainbow, Fallbrook?