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Oct 23, 2007 01:38 PM

Surf/turf for rural family?! HELP!!

Help! My cousin and her husband are coming from the heart of rural America to visit! She wants lobster (“because it’s the coast”), and/or steak...and he is “happy as long as he has a drink in his hand.”....

Can anyone recommend a place for steak/seafood ?.. Their options back home are limited to Pizza Hut and chicken fried steak at the stray roadside diner – they aren’t looking to experience any kind of “new” cuisine...They want meat. lobster. drink. and good times. How to not send them into a total state of sticker shock? They are not loaded (and neither am I) – I don’t know, maybe $40-50 bucks a pop, w/ a this reasonable in this town? I looked at Peter Luger..ay, too pricey.

Any help, appreciated. I’m really at a loss; I generally don’t eat at these kinds of places...
I really want to take them someplace amazing, give them what they want.

Thank you, in advance.

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  1. If you order carefully you can get out on the high end of your budget at the Knickerbocker Bar and Grill. They actually have a surf and turf platter for $35 but there are much less expensive items on the menu.

    1. NYC sends everyone into sticker shock. Peter Luger's is THE place for steak but pricey and may still be cash only. Knickerbocker as suggested below is a good idea. Also maybe Dock's (Midtown) or Artisanal (midtown, lively, noisy French bistro with $30-ish prix fixe dinner - my friend loved the steak) or Cornelia Street Cafe (has a prix fixe dinner) in West Village (been there for 30 years), Duane Park Cafe in TriBeCa (has prix fixe - not sure if it includes steak). Steak is easier, lobster is tough in NYC (not really the coast!).

      1. It's not a "foodie" destination, but One if by Land, Two if by Sea is perfect for this situation. Plus, it's historical (Aaron Burr's former carriage house). The bar is terrific and, just by the name, it serves what they want. A new chef and a cleanup of the place recently happened too...

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        1. re: dkstar1

          Can you eat for $50 per person at OIBL?

          ETA: I just checked the website and the prix fixe menu is $75.

          1. re: KTinNYC

            oh. Didn't realize they went to a prix fixe format. That's new. Nevermind.

            1. re: dkstar1

              Hey, dkstar1,

              Has the food actually improved with the new chef?

        2. There's Gramercy Tavern (tavern menu)
          Ditch Plains
          Pearl Oyster Bar for a lobster roll?
          Just be honest and tell them they'll eat well, but they have to adjust their expectations. Don't try to promise surf and turf, or at least not on the same plate. Landmarc does a good steak (sheesh, I always come around to recommending the same restaurants) Or Balthazar or it's cheaper cousin Lucky Strike, we ate there recently after a long absence, and it was just fine, not hip, a bit touristy and not threatening

          Also try lunch to help with the sticker shock. Then order in Chinese and eat it from the carton (you know, like New Yorkers do in the movies).

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            nixienox has a good suggestion with eating out for lunch. Peter Luger has a delicious and inexpensive hamburger for lunch and they would still get the experience.

            Also, consider introducing them to some ethnic food they wouldn't otherwise have the chance to try. There is plenty of meat and seafood to be had in Chinatown or, well, just about any ethnic restaurant. You'd be surprised at how adventurous people are willing to be once they're finally in the Big Apple.

          2. In the steakhouse realm, consider going to Angelo & Maxie's. While it's not in the top-tier, the steaks are good. Prices are definitely moderate by steakhouse standards, and since steak portions are very generous, you can do a lot of sharing, for example, 2 steaks for 3 people, thus keeping the costs even lower. (As with all steakhouses, sides are meant to be shared.) Lobster is at "market price," so that may be fairly expensive. The vibe is boisterous, so your cousins will have a very good time there.


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              For a different only in New York experience, how about the Cafe at Fairway. Steak is available on the prix fee at $29 as well as a la carte and they must be able to get a lobster upstairs from the fish counter where they steam them to order. The food is decent and I have seen more celebs here (the kind that live in the neighborhood) than anywhere else.

                1. re: Stuffed Monkey

                  Yes, the food is decent, but no better. A terrible suggestion if you ask me...'the food doesn't suck and you might see Catherine Zeta Jones'.

                  1. re: fgf

                    For what the poster and her visitors are looking for, reasonable price and NY "experience", why not?

                    1. re: megaepicure

                      The scale goes like this... terrible, very bad, bad, decent, good, very good, excellent, sublime. By the suggestion's own admission it falls in the catagory of mediocre NYC restaurants. I don't find dining at Fairway an enjoyable or even a satisfactory experience for myself or out of town guests.