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Oct 23, 2007 01:15 PM

Wedding reception and caterer in richmond

Hey everyone,

Sorry to make my first post a plea for help, but I really need some. I am getting married in richmond VA next summer and I am having trouble figuring out what caterers to talk to and also what location to use( I am not from the area). If anyone knows of some good caterers in that area or a good place to have the reception itself please let me know. If you know both, then that is even better!!! haha. Here is a brief list of the people and places that have popped up in my search so far.

VA museum of fine arts (expensive) They also cater.
Colony Club
Branch House
westwood club

Homemades by suzanne

Please comment on the ones I mention also.

Thanks a lot!!!!

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  1. Although there aren't a lot of caterers listed, this is what I am using to research venues that I am considering. I also plan to get married in Richmond in the spring of 09.

    Good luck!

    1. Not quite as fancy but fairly affordable (from what I hear) is the Lewis Ginter Recreation Center: http://www.lewisginterrecreationassoc... I have a friend who got married there or perhaps just had their reception there and liked it. If you want to contact my friend directly let me know and I'll see if he'd be willing to get in touch.

      As for caterers, White House Catering ( is good (David Napier, the owner, is also owner and head chef of City Grill and Chop House in Shockoe Bottom) as is Chef Maura ( who I've experienced at friends' parties.

      1. David Napier is a good suggestion; have you considered one of the nearby plantations? Also, the photographer at frequently does weddings at Westover Plantation and different venues around the city and could handle a lot of your needs.

        1. Lewis Ginter and Maymont are good for outdoor weddings. L. Ginter uses there own caterer. I'm not sure how good it is.

          Taste Buds on MacArthur is amazing:

          Flowers: he is great

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            As a point of clarificaiton, the botanical garden uses their own caterer (probably linked to the Tea House?) but not the recreation center.

          2. Thank you to everyone so far for all the great suggestions I'll definitely have to look into some of these. I'll keep yall posted, and keep'em coming.