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Oct 23, 2007 01:10 PM

Veggie/Fish Tasting menu Montreal ?

As a fish only eater and food lover I was wondering if anyone would know of restos that do veggie/fish tasting menus ?
Budget is of no importance.


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  1. Hi sushitarian, at first I thought that since the loss of Les Chèvres (the most vegetarian-friendly higher-end resto) that might be difficult, but then thought of this thread about an event at Le Bouchon de Liège (in northern Villeray, that is a few streets north of the Jean-Talon market): That sounds like a one-off event, but perhaps they have similar ones, and veg-friendly options.

    I don't know if any fish restos have fish-centred tasting menus.

    1. Don't know if they do it as a matter of course, but Jun I (156 Laurier West, 514 276-5864) has served pescitarian-friendly tasting menus in the past. As far as I know, they don't have a website but you could always give them a call and ask.

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          Thanks. I'd been googling "JUN I" LAURIER and the site didn't appear on the first few results pages. I just tried again, this time dropping the LAURIER, and voilà: number one on the list. Less is more, I guess.

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          I wouldn't bet on it though. A recent tasting menu I enjoyed at Jun I included a pork based amuse and a bison dish. While it was very tasty, I don't think it would serve your purposes. But perhaps, you can make a special request by calling in advance? Or build your own "tasting menu" a la carte?

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            How much is a tasting menu at Jun-I and is it worth it?

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              It was 60 bucks a head, including dessert (but not coffee or tea). The menu incorporated raw and cooked items and ranged from nigiris to more French inspired stuff to downright French. Overall 6-7 courses I think, and a very large amuse. It was pretty good; especially the raw fish. The worst of the bunch were more traditional French stuff. Not bad, but a little bit underwhelming after the excellent fish and fusion courses :) The dessert was a carrot sorbet and pumpkin caramel duo, and was a perfect finish. Not too usual, light and even somewhat healthy :)

        3. thank you for your suggestions !!
          I am frequent at Jun I and they do offer a meat free tasting menu if ordered in advance. Will keep looking


          1. I went to Kitchen Gallerie on Jean Talon last night. It was really wonderful. The chefs also serve as waiters and sommeliers. They had two fish main dishes and also had oysters for the appetizers as well as a vegetarian option. The menu changes every day, so you would want to call in to make sure there are options for you that day, as well as to make a reservation as it is quite small. 514.315.8994

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              Just been reading about Kitchen Gallerie and think I am gonna make my way there soon.. Thanks for the suggestion.