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Oct 23, 2007 01:04 PM


Has anyone been to Cafe Socialista to eat. What is it like late night? Does the restaurant(cafe) get a crowd or is it just a lounge.

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  1. The food was not good -- dry and lacking flavor (surprising for Cuban food!) and on top of that overpriced. It was so unmemorable, I forgot what I had, but I strenuously disrecommend the place.

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    1. re: christene

      christene when did you go? i believe they changed chefs AGAIN and now it is much more inauthentically cuban...but much better food...kinda french/new american but they throw in Latin ingredients to keep with the theme.

      anyway it's a bit of a scene and can get quite loud, but the food is surprisingly good and they actually take reservations for normal people, contrary to popular belief.

      1. re: bluegorilla

        Hi, I went the first week in Sept., so I am not sure that was before or after the chef change...It wasn't necessarily looking for good Cuban food...Cuban fusion is fine with me too, but it just wasn't good food. Maybe I ordered the wrong things -- a plate of mini Cubanos which were too greasy and other stuff. Sorry to say but the drinks weren't that great either... Yes, it is very easy to get a reservation, all you have to do is call the number and they give an email address to where you send an email message.

        I actually didn't go for the food, I went for the band, which was advertised as playing that night then the hostess said there was no live music after all -- talk about disappointing!