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Oct 23, 2007 12:44 PM

Yellow fish at New Green Bo

I've read several posts about this on Chow, but when I looked at the menu, there's a yellow fish soup and a yellow fish main I was wondering if anybody had opinions on which is best. I recently tried their rice cakes with shredded pork and pickled cabbage, which I would recommend!

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  1. I believe people are usually referring to the one that's the main dish (I think it's called yellow fish with dried seaweed) - it's sort of like Chinese fish sticks!

    1. The one I love the best is 紅燒黃魚 I've had it at New Green Bo and liked it, though I've had better versions at other places. I dont know what it's called on the NGB menu, at other places it's called either braised yellow fish or yellow fish in brown sauce. Joe's Shanghain prepares yellowfish in seven different ways, and I've seen a few more at other places. I love it. By the way it's probably American croaker and not Chinese yellowfish, which is just as well... I'd sooner have fresh American fish than stale, dried-out authentic fish imported from China.

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        I'm going to the Joe's Shanghai in Flushing this weekend. Is there a particular yellow fish preparation that you recommend? I agree that fresh local fish is preferrable. That's what makes eating in other countries so much fun -- local seafood and vegetables. Beef, chicken and pork are the same everywhere.

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          This is somewhat tangential to this topic, but one of the best dishes I've had at a Joe's Shanghai was an oyster dish prepared similarly to the yellowfish with dried seaweed. That is, fried oysters in a batter with seaweed, with a dipping salt. The heavy batter seems more suited to oysters than the yellowfish version at New Green Bo. I believe it was a special, and not on the regular menu. I haven't been back to the Chinatown Joe's Shanghai in several years, since I was more of a regular at their Elmhurst branch that's now closed, so I can't say if it appears on their specials menu, but if it does, it's something to look out for.

      2. both Oliverstreet and Brian S. seem to be talking about two completely different dishes; can anyone elucidate? my guess is for the braised fish.

        1. It is the yellow fish with dried seaweed. It is deep fried fish in a yellow batter. Very simple but very good.

          Here is a little history. New Green Bo is said to be a direct descendent of a long gone restaurant named Say Eng Look. Same family members. I used to have this dish at Say Eng Look some 20 years ago where it was called "green fish" with a slightly different colored batter.

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            heh, funny. ya, had this at a couple places; love that salt!

          2. The original comment has been removed