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Oct 23, 2007 12:21 PM

dinner in providence, RI [moved from Boston board]

am going to providence, ri, for dinner and was hoping someone could recommend a good restaurant. my knowledge of the restaurants there is limitied to al forno and capital grill but neither of those places would fit the bill. we are looking for a low key place - maybe BBQ - and with a great atmosphere.

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  1. Check out the New England board. Plenty of suggestions.

    1. As far as BBQ is concerned LJ's BBQ on the Providence/Pawtucket line could fit the bill nicely. They have great BBQ and a dinner special during the week (that includes wine and dessert) for only $15. The ribs are great and so is the pulled pork....they also have realllyyyy good brunch
      Another BBQ place in Providence is Wes Rib House. Its located on a back street in the Olneyville section of Providence. On weekends its open past 3 am - and the gigantic charred ribs are smoky and slathered in sauce...(this place is kinda off the beaten path, but definately something worth checking out)

      Another low key favorite is Murphy's Bar downtown. The reubens are comparable to the carnegie deli (although, not as big) but definately as might be lacking in atmosphere - but, its affordable and right downtown...

      Bon Appetit!

      1. For low key and great atmosphere, I always like to recommend Cuban Revolution at it's location on Aborn. It's good food, good prices, and I always feel really relaxed whenever I go in there. The wraps are great, but I stay away from the pressed sandwiches (they're not too exciting). And the Ropa Vieja stew is delicious!

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          I've never been to the original Aborn location, but the Valley St location is now open, w/a parking lot. Pretty nice inside.

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            I would like to second Cuban Revolution... although I do adore their pressed sadwiches. Also try the fried plantains and empanadas... yum!