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Oct 23, 2007 12:19 PM

Best Vietnamese, Dot, Lynn, etc. ?

Since Ducky Wok went away, and Hu Thieu Nam Vang was replaced by the not quite as good Xinh Xinh, I don't have a fav vietnamese place. So sad as it is one of my favorite cuisines. So light, tasty, and healthy.

So figured I'd ask what places really rank these days. I know there is the 7 Flavors of beef place in Dot. and I have names of a few places in Lynn, but does anyone have a real favorite Vietnamese place these days?

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  1. been to pho lynn and pho minh ky. both in lynn. thought pho minh ky was better. larger selection, better food, and nicer atmosphere (if you care about that)

    there is a small banh mi and sinh to cafe near the top of union st. small, friendly service, good banh mi, and decent sinh to. they also have a few rice plates and desserts

    really liked pho 2000 and pho so 1 on dot ave but haven't been in awhile. usually go to xinh xinh for vietnamese. sometimes just for their incredible avocado sinh to

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      sunset cafe in little strip mall on dorchester avenue (same mall with a thai grocery store)

      1. re: teezeetoo

        Oh, I can't find that one on GOOG maps. Can you recall the cross street?
        How does the Thai market rate?

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          I think you're thinking of Sunrise on Dot Ave, just past Rite Aid, near Savin Hill?

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            yes thats it and the thai market is pretty crummy

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        second pho minh ky and the banh mi shop (its called cali sandwich). The couple at cali sandwich are really friendly. Pho Minh Ky is good, lots of vegetarian choices and seems to be the preferred place for the local vietnamese and Khmer folks.
        Not a big fan of pho lynn. Their pho is ok but I am not too crazy about their rice dishes.

      3. My current go to place for vietnamese is Xinh Xinh. But last weekend I finally had a chance to check out Pho 2000 in Dot. I was pretty impressed and enjoyed lunch (#77 caramelized pork served in an earthenware pot w/ white rice on the side and a rich sauce) and dinner ( #16 Beef Pho "small") and #2 fried spring rolls.

        I have also checked out Pho Hoa in Dot, but it did not leave an impression (although I do enjoy Pho Hoa in C-Town) One of the reasons for my nod towards Pho 2000 is that it is in Dot and has a parking lot across the street and I live in Southie so I can avoid the C-town parking dilemma.

        Another Vietnamese place which I have been enamored with lately is Banh Mi Ba Le. Great selection of sandwiches ( #1 my favorite) and bread baked on premises. There is a slight variation in quality depending who is making the sandwiches behind the counter but not enough to be a deal breaker. If you like hot peppers which give the sandwich an extra bite make sure to ask for it spicy. The Ban Mi are $2.50 and they also have a variety of fresh summer rolls for $1.00 each

        Pho 2000 Restaurant
        198 Adams St, Dorchester, MA 02122

        Ba Le Cafe
        1449 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA

        1. Anh Hong in Dot does a 7 courses of beef and a fish version. Great for a good size group.

          I enjoyed it; but don't eat enough Vietnamese to say that the AH is the "best" in the area..sure was good.

          1. I'd go with Pho Yuen Dong, the large, sit-down Vietnamese place in Kam Man Center.

            1. Finally checked out Pho 2000 in Fields Corner last night. Had some pretty average spring rolls (for something fried and crunchy and stat), bahn hoi tom nuong (wrap your own spring rolls with grilled shrimp, noodles, peanuts, mint, lettuce and pickles), and kho coi to (carmelized sparerib with onions). The two main dishes were fantastically tasty. I'm still a pretty big fan of Xihn Xinh's pho, but Pho 2000 has some really interesting dishes on their menu. I haven't been to Anh Hong so I can't compare.

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                I was gini's DC for Pho2000 - I actually liked the spring rolls a lot, although I wish the lettuce leaves alongside had been a little bigger; these were a little too small to fully wrap up the spring roll with the accompanying carrots, etc. Completely agree about the main dishes, though - delicious! That caramelized sparerib dish is one of my favorites there - they also do it with catfish or sliced pork - my only wish would have been for a little more black pepper in the sauce to balance out the sweet and rich tastes, but that's definitely a minor quibble.

                I'd also echo 9lives's rec. for Anh Hong's 7 courses of beef and fish (I think they're the only one in the area that prepares this with fish) - both were excellent at a dinner there last year.

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                  ah, the power of suggestion..:) stopped at Pho Pasteur in Ctown for takeout..big bowl of chicken noodle soup with a beef ball for me and a tastyveggie, tofu curry soup for Ms 9. Fortified with a spring roll from Saigon next door and a pork strip from Hong Kong Eatery..perfectly timed..right out of the oven made for a nice lunch..with enough for leftovers. 1 of our favorite waitresses from Nam Vang is working there; but no bun riu on the menu:(