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Oct 23, 2007 12:01 PM

Hoagies in Northern Detroit suburbs

HI - Does anyone have any recommendations for a place for good hoagies in Macomb County? My Dad used to get some he loved in Ypsi - but since retired looking for somewhere closer to home- THANKS

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  1. i grew up eating buscemi's (by the way, most in michigan call them subs, not hoagies) italian subs where i grew up in fraser. original is on gratiot in eastpointe. several other stores (including licensees) all over the suburbs.

    tubby's is a small chain that makes good subs. there are several on the east side.

    1. Lenny's Subs at 12 and Mound is incredible!! Yes it is a chain but this is the only one in the area, they slice their meat fresh when you order and are very generous with it, the subs are delicious and very filling, the pepper relish is a great touch as well!